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International Association of Chiefs of Police are meeting in Chicago this week. Photo: DNAinfo

Everyone is to blame? Really? Individual schools and teachers forced kids to take standardized tests? They passed laws or set up funding contests that required or promoted the use of of standardized test scores to evaluate teachers?

For years now state and federal policymakers have known that kids are being saddled with too many mandated standardized tests. It wasn’t until teachers and parents and principals and superintendents began making strong waves that they finally started to agree. Blaming individual schools and teachers seems way beyond the point. Valerie Strauss, Washington Post.



The attempt to blame the gangs fundamentally diverts attention from  the fact that to McCarthy’s police and the Emanuel machine to which he owes allegiance — black lives don’t really matter. In the 1990s CPD clearance rates for homicide ranged from 64% to 69%. The Superintendent admitted that by September 2015, only 23% of all homicides were cleared. Read that again: less than one in four homicides resulted in an arrest. John Hagedorn, Gangs and the Media.


Chicago police later reported more than 60 people were arrested near McCormick Place. They face misdemeanor charges of obstructing traffic. CBS News.



Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 8.20.15 AM

James Fields and Marie Robinson were parked in front of his home in April 2013 when, he said, an officer ordered him out of the car and pushed him against it. Photo credit: Travis Dove for The New York Times.

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