No time for blogging this AM. Retired meeting in Springfield.


IRTA President Bob Pinkerton (center) and Executive Director James Bachman (left).

This morning I am driving to Springfield to attend the two-day state convention of the Illinois Retired Teachers Association. The IRTA is courageous group of people. It is made up of those women and men who dedicated their lives to public education and who, standing nearly alone, refused to compromise on what the Illinois constitution said to the state’s public employees.

A contract is a contract. Promised pension benefits cannot be diminished or impaired.

While those who also made claims they represented us met with legislative leaders and offered to sell out the pension rights of retired teachers and other public employees, the IRTA threatened a legal battle – even though they had limited resources.

In the end we won that legal battle.

Although new threats to our pension rights constantly pop up, particularly with the Democratic leaders and the governor we have in Illinois.

It is an organization that deserves every retired public employee’s everlasting gratitude.

6 thoughts on “No time for blogging this AM. Retired meeting in Springfield.

  1. Dear Fred,

    Could not agree more. The I.R.T.A. does for teachers and retirees what others claim to want to do while selling us down the river (to try to keep keep that so called “seat at the table” for themselves). When I.R.T.A. asks for money, I send it (no questions asked). Many others do the same. Everyone knows EXACTLY where they stand, and they have earned our trust. I know that the I.R.T.A. will do their best to battle the pension (and insurance) thieves.

    I only wish that other organizations whose whole purpose is to speak for teachers would look out a little less for themselves and start fighting for us. It is sad to watch as they become quislings of those who wish to destroy public education. I would encourage active teachers to join I.R.T.A. soon as they can.

    • Absolutely!! For me, that is a no-brainer. I have to admit, though, that rejoining IEA-Retired is not on my list of priorities.

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