4 thoughts on “The chooser.

  1. From the Sun-Times: During her 2009-2011 tenure, Detroit Public Schools awarded some $3.4 million in contracts to Synesi Associates, one of the north suburban companies now under indictment along with co-owners Gary Solomon and Thomas Vranas. DPS also awarded more work to PROACT Search, another of Solomon’s and Vranas’ education service companies, to fill five top positions once Byrd-Bennett left that district and became a coach for Synesi and SUPES.

  2. As for B3, Vranas & Solomon, these people should also be left with no assets. Nearly $25 million STOLEN from Chicago & Detroit public schools: first order up should be seizure of assets & restitution to aforementioned school districts.(& not to be given to the highest echelon of school administrators, but directly used for re-hiring of laid-off teachers, paras, social workers, librarians, thus lowering class sizes, restoring FAPE to special ed. students, restoring arts programs & libraries in schools that have none, & getting much-needed supplies to cash-starved schools.
    &…BTW–suggest the Feds look into the ISBE & Pear$on & THEIR 4-year, $160 million NO BID contract, stealing education money from schools ALL over the state of ILL-Annoy. Restitution=restoration.
    Because it’s all about the kids.

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