9 thoughts on “A proposal for measuring school success.

  1. I’ve got a suggestion for dealing with the problem you’re referring to. Children love texting, social media, and the internet in general. Before I retired as a junior high teacher, the school that I worked at would not allow students to have cell phones in the classroom. The rule was that if a student had a phone, he/she was supposed to leave the phone with the clerk in the office. I imagine that all schools have different rules regarding this. Most children in today’s world seem to have phones. It’s probably too hard, especially in large schools, rounding up cell phones at the start of the school day. Plus, there are other headaches that would go along with a daily cell phone round up.

    So here is my suggestion. Since the cell phone manufacturers created this mess in the first place, perhaps a device can be developed by these manufacturers that scrambles the signals on cell phones during the classroom instruction period. The teacher can activate the classroom scrambler at the beginning of the instructional period and de-activate it during the time in between classes or at the end of the school day. Cell phones are a distraction in the classroom. For many years life went on fine without them. I realize they play an important role in today’s world. However, in the classroom a student is better off without one.

      • I was under the impression that the student was asked (or told) to put the phone away and she refused. When the teacher and the administration could not get cooperation, the cop was summoned. Did it happen differently?

      • Under what circumstances would what happened in that room between the cop and that student be justified, even based on what you describe – even if any or all of that is true?

        I have had students who disobeyed me, argued with me, swore at me, and worse. I never reacted violently and never called the police. In fact, if I had done what that cop did, I would have been fired on the spot.

  2. After having a lax administration do nothing, I have had to call the police in a somewhat similar situation. I called the police to establish a record of my repeated problems of defiance and the student’s refusal to comply with established classroom rules. In previous situations, the parents would come occasionally when called – but it seemed as they were not of much help because the defiance and disrespectful behavior continued. The dad was actually in a state of denial telling me that he was unaware of any problems with the child.

    The police who came questioned the student and me separately, and a report was written up. The officer told me that he and several other officers would do this daily at several schools. They told me that I could press charges and continue establishing a paper trail. He remarked that usually not much got done except for a lot of paper work.

    • I do not believe that there is any situation involving even the most misbehaving child that justifies what took place here. If I was a teacher who found myself in a classroom where a police officer was dragging a child out of their desk and slamming them to the floor, I would intervene to stop it. If I woke up the next morning, having done nothing instead, I would resign.

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