edTPA: “I am completely burnt out before I ever get to apply for a teaching position.”


-By Burnout

I am in the process of student teaching as well as trying to meet the extreme rigor of this edTPA requirement.

It is so far 35 pages single spaced worth of work. Endless hours to photo and edit documents as proof of works. Hours upon hours to read the handbook to try to understand what is expected. I think there are 14 rubrics for this monster that we should be referring too while working to perfect this beast.

In addition there are hours upon hours of video clips for us to be lucky enough to be able to watch for tips on how to do this edTPA garbage. Hours to set up a site for it all and taking and splicing video clips that match content requirements in addition to the strict time requirements . Additional time is spent trying to load the photos and video clips to the proper sites in the proper format.

All of this is due during the 9 weeks of my first student teaching placement which includes becoming active with school events, and staff meetings after school. I am having difficulty getting any sleep trying to meet my teaching requirements in addition to these edTPA requirements. I am too exhausted to absorb my student teaching, or my edTPA so what is the point of it all?? I am not able to do any of it well under this kind of pressure.

Most of us students are completely exhausted, and extremely stressed out. I also have two courses a week for my student teaching requirement to fit in here. I am not paid during my 18 weeks of student teaching and I have a home and a family to care for, so the 300 dollar fee is enormous for me, then if I have to repay this its going to be the thing that breaks me in the end. I have passed the praxis 1 the praxis 2 the reading foundations and now must pass this.

I am completely burnt out before I ever get to apply for a teaching position.

6 thoughts on “edTPA: “I am completely burnt out before I ever get to apply for a teaching position.”

    • Well, anon, that’s what “they” want. NO education for “other people’s children,” or charter schools only, w/TFAs or unqualified/underqualified teachers. Also, does everyone know just how hard the ISBE has made it for educational organizations to get approval (yes, no matter how established the organization is, they have to fill out insanely worded & complicated papers just for approval, as well as even more for each & every meeting & workshop presented!) to give CPDUs, which teachers need to keep their certificates in force? You have three chances to have the “correct” answers, & the ISBE may reject you all 3 times. Then, you have to wait a year for your group to reapply. What this leads to, of course, is less attendance at meetings & workshops, when the groups have been unable to get approval to give CPDUs. Therefore, less chances to submit enough CPDUs for re-certification, as well as less personal choice in what professional development activities teachers wish to participate in.

  1. Also, if a student teacher fails any of the tests/exercises Burnout mentioned, doesn’t he/she have to pay the $300 all over again to do all of the above all over again? This is absolutely criminal!
    Also–obvious question–was Pear$on endowed this mission via the usual ILL-Annoy way of no-bid contract (such as was done with PARCC &/or ISATs?) If so, federal prosecutors are welcome to step in at any time!

  2. The ultimate goal of the “reform” crowd is the complete destruction of public education and its replacement with privately run, corporate charter school systems that’ll eventually pay dividends to investors. How much of an effort would it take in Springfield to change Illinois’ charter school law to allow charters to be profit-making vampires that’ll suck the blood of our citizens like the privatized city parking system of Chicago? Education in the U.S. is in real danger of becoming a “commodity” like oil, soybeans, corn, or currency to be bought and sold on our commodities or stock exchanges.

    Blatantly vicious, exaggerated, and phony “indictments” by politicians and corporate types against public education, vis å vis teachers, stretching from the Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, to Obama’s administrations were intentional in order to weaken the public’s will to support its schools. From these attacks came the panaceas of vouchers, charter schools, “merit” pay, financial cuts to public schools (“We can’t keep throwing money down the black hole of education.”), TFA, and supposed “accountability” schemes like CPDU’s, standardized testing, breakdown of tenure, and now edTPA which even assaults student teachers,

    Why these politically motivated attacks on teachers? The excuse is always “we need to improve ‘public’ education.” The focus, strangely enough(?), is exclusively on teachers. As if teachers were the only factor in education… It’s called scapegoating which ought to be a clear hint to our citizenry that those who attack public education and in the same breath promote any of above mentioned “reforms” are NEVER serious about making improvements. If they had any sincere intentions, they’d work on funding, but they won’t, because the goal is destruction. This is crony capitalism at its ugliest because of the widespread harm it’ll cause our children, teachers, and American democracy.

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