Martin Ritter’s testimony before the CPS board. The money behind Noble charters.


Mike Milkie, founder of Noble Charters.

-Martin Ritter’s testimony before the CPS board on Wednesday, October 8th.

Dear CPS Board, I will address my comments to you, but I am really alerting the Inspector General to the questionable practices that I describe.

Is he here? Can you point him out please?

Today you will likely approve a new Noble Charter school campus in the 14th ward of Alderman Burke despite the thousands of community residents, hundreds of local teachers, and numerous elected officials including Speaker Madigan being opposed.

I ask you to wait, until the Inspector investigates and makes a ruling on the following details as it pertains to potential corruption, pay-to-play practices and violations of certain entities’ non-profit status and potential violations of the laws governing the Illinois board of elections:

The new Noble campus is being named after Joe Mansueto of Morningstar after he has committed to donate to Noble. He is personally advocating for this campus to be built, meanwhile it should be said that he has given:  $50K to Mr. Claypool for past political campaigns, as well as $160K to the Mayor’s campaign (Rahm + Chicago Comm + Chi Forward) funds.

Noble board members:

John Butler has given $5,000 to the Mayor’s campaign.

Guy Comer Family members have given $5500 to the Mayor’s campaign.

John Harris $15,000 to the Mayor’s campaign.

Rebeca Nieves Huffman, Illinois state executive director, Democrats for Education Reform, a political committee, endorsed the Mayor and the PAC she controls – DFER PAC – gave the Mayor’s campaign $5,300.

Allan Muchin gave the Mayor’s campaign personally $7,750. The law firm he controls gave $61,300 to the Mayor’s campaign. His law firm also gave the Burnham Committee (controlled by Burke) $21,000. He also personally gave Burke $6,000, $300 to Rep. Dan Burke, $3000 to 14th ward committee controlled by Burke. $750 to Claypool and $,5000 to Judge Anne Burke.

Martin Nesbitt: $5,000 to the Mayor’s campaign.

Nancy Comer family has given to the Mayor’s campaign $500 & $500 to Claypool.

Jonathan Reinsdorf family member: $42,500 to the Mayor’s campaign, $10K to Anne Burke and $2,500 to Ald. Burke.

John Rowe, Chairman: $55,000 to to the Mayor’s campaign, $5,000 to Judge Anne Burke and $3,500 to Dan Burke. $14.5000 to Ed Burke and $16,500 to the Burnham Committee.

Bryan Traubert, family members have given $10,000 to Claypool, $1,000 to Anne Burke and $1000 to Ed Burke.

David Weinberg founder & president, illinois Network of Charter Schools $12,500 to the Mayor’s campaign, $1000 to Claypool, INCS ACTION PAC (he chairs) $2,500 to Dan Burke, and $1,000 to Ed Burke (SAME WEEK AS BURKE SIGNING SUPPORT LETTER).

Weinberg is significant as he is the founder and president and board chair of INCS. Yet he also chairs their PAC and staff member  – Rogalski is the treasurer. They have an IE PAC as well and both are the treasurer and chair of it, clearly in violation of the rules governing coordination between PACs and IE PACs.

Jennifer Wilson $8,800 to the Mayor’s campaign

All of these individuals are board members of Noble. They are recruited and chosen by Mike Milkie, the founder of Noble.

They serve at his pleasure.

4 thoughts on “Martin Ritter’s testimony before the CPS board. The money behind Noble charters.

  1. Not to mention the FY 2015 U.S. Dept. of Ed. funding of $1,564,999 (w/”recommended funding” at $8,412,500 total). Source: U.S.Department of Education, “U.S. Department of Education Contributes to an Improving Charter Schools Sector” http://www.edgov/…/us-department-ed
    And, w/Arne returning to ILL-Annoy, let’s see where this leads…

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