5 thoughts on ““We make terrible, miserable choices.”

  1. Has anyone considered the that perhaps this is just what the powers to be want?
    If you raise the taxes enough only the rich will be able to afford Chicago.If you kick an ant hill
    lots of worker ants will attack.If you are waiting with your can of raid they will be dispatched.
    The ants who live deep in the mound, the elite ants will not be harmed.

  2. Well, I’m not one to give Mayor (1%) credit but I do in this instance. It just should have been done incrementally over the past few years. It would have been an easier pill to swallow. Chicago real estate taxes have been artificially low for quite sometime because of no political will to raise them to pay for government. Same thing with the state. Also a majority of the middle class will be protected in their 250,000 bungalows. OK……beat me up now.

    • No beating up from here. I do think you need to question assumptions. What does “artificially low” mean? To me they have been artificially high. Why are functions and costs of government based on a regressive system that takes it’s toll mainly on the working families of the city and state? Schools and services depend on your zip code? A fair system of taxation would have those who have the most, pay the most. The taxes on my home – I do not qualify for a low valuation rebate – have risen ten times what they were when I purchased my little workingmen’s cottage 26 years ago. This is a result of my neighborhood become real estate “hot”. But this is money that I do not have and cannot get unless I sell my house. Most working families in the city do not engage in real estate speculation. I do not sell and re-sell property. On the other hand, if my income had risen as much as my property taxes over the same time span I would be making a million dollars a year. Even as a great negotiator for my teacher union members, I couldn’t bargain that! A fair system of taxation would be a progressive tax on income.

  3. I got ya on the progressive tax system. Also these major corporations have been getting a free ride for too long. The so called EDGE program does not work. In fact these employers are cutting more jobs than they are producing.

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