2 thoughts on “You don’t need a cop.

  1. You don’t need a cop..you need to care and stop cutting the school mental health professionals, and giving the surviving ones caseloads in the hundreds.
    Behavior escalation and even violence happen when early intervention and therapy efforts are witheld from our children and teens. And by the way, Illinois, overburdening special education teachers with larger caseloads is also a TERRIBLE idea.

  2. My son is epileptic and hearing impaired. We called the fire department ambulance to take him to the hospital and since we live out of town he was starting to come out of his seizure by the time they got to our house. He resisted being put on the gurney because he wasn’t fully comprehending what was going on, The firemen/paramedics threatened to call the sheriffs deputy to have him put on the gurney! I’m certain that would have got him tazed or beaten. I told my wife next time I’ll load him in the car and take him myself.

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