Rahm is Stranger Danger.


There is no need to warn teachers about Stranger Danger.

Parents and teachers know to tell their kids and our students never to get in a car with a stranger. If they offer you candy, run away as fast as you can.

Mayor Rahm, who was the bullyboy that provoked a strike in 2012, is now Stranger Danger. He is asking to hold hands with the CTU.

Who is this creepy guy?

“Look, we all want the same thing,” the Sun-Times quotes the Mayor as saying in response to the teachers union call for a practice strike vote to take place tomorrow.

My friend Ben Joravsky nailed it when he wrote the Mayor and the Governor were having a fake fight.

The threat to fire 5,000 teachers for Christmas is hardly the flavor of candy to lure teachers into your van, Mr. Mayor.

In fact, that threat sounds like the Mayor sending the Governor a public message that he is on board with the union-busting turnaround agenda, just in a different box tied up in a different color ribbon.

Remember the story I reported in 2011 about Stand for Children’s Jonah Edelman coming to Illinois and working out a deal with Madigan and the state’s public employee union leaders, particularly the Illinois Education Association’s Executive Director, Audrey Soglin. The deal became Senate Bill 7. Among its many anti-teacher features was a rule only applicable to Chicago teachers. In order to strike, SB7 said, the union must get over 75% – not 50% – strike authorization from its membership.

They got over 90%.

Anybody running a pool on what the practice vote tomorrow will be? I will buy any box that has a nine as the first of two digits.

Meanwhile Rahm’s approval numbers make Jeb Bush look good.

Which makes me wonder why once again the state and city unions are not already running against this guy.

Once again they leave it to the CTU to do all the heavy lifting.

4 thoughts on “Rahm is Stranger Danger.

  1. Rauner and Emmanuel are doing more than holding hands. I wouldn’t put it past Emmanuel to have asked Rauner it hold off on funding Chicago schools so he can wring union concessions. These two have at least this in common:,destroy unions at all costs. And it’s costing the state millions. Emmanuel wants his pound of flesh from CTU for non-support during the election.

    • Spot-on analysis, Anonymous.
      & we should be looking for the impeachable moment here, in Chicago, as well. Has a mayor ever been impeached before?

  2. Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly….
    Rahm – fish-sender and table-stabber – has a l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g memory – he never forgets.
    He’s just ITCHIN’ to get back at Karen.
    Revenge is a dish best served cold, and he’s currently in the process of setting the table.

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