The dirty game.


-Pasqual LoPresti

It sickens me to see this dirty game 9fingers plays with Chicago, teachers the children, and the tax payers.

After he blew a reported (article from the Chicago Reporter, I believe) 800 million on loans and bank fees in one year, a record property tax (that has more holes in it than in his head) and a TIF (from the same article) reported to hit 2 billion, HE THREATENS US!

This man is sick!

And he expects Ms Lewis to trust him!

When will Chicago wake up to this pile of fresh dog crap. We need to support our teachers who sacrafice so much. The money is there, it belongs to the Chicago taxpayers and not him. He holds it to enrich his 1%ers they need it not the schools, not the teachers, not the children, not the retirees from other city services ( whom he continues to rape of promised benifits).

We need major media to start reporting the whole truth and not what their 1%ers allow them. We need the feds to start cleaning house. We need the zombie voters to sound off!


Isn’t there any law school professors out there to lead their class on exploring ways to freeze this persons non emergency spending and his bad loans he’s doing? We need him frozen – he is not fit to run this City. He violates his oath of office each day and giggles at us.

We also need a new City Council. How dare they joke and laugh while voting on this giant tax hike. What in the hell is so funny? How many people will this hurt? That council is there for 1 thing only and that’s to nod yes to the puppet master up front. If thats what he wants, he needs to pay them from his pocket not ours.

Again I will repeat this, Chicago’s teachers deserve respect, not to be spat on and threatened. I hope all Chicago stands with the teachers. We need to do the right thing!


4 thoughts on “The dirty game.

  1. Even Crains Chicago business said today that the Chicago schools have been a disaster under mayoral rule. They stated that Chicago should have an elected school board as does every other Illinois district.

  2. These politicians are unbelievably bad. Rahm at the city level. Rauner at the state level. At the federal level Obama is forgetting where he came from. Alcoa is on the ropes, China’s economy is slowing down, so they are dumping aluminum here. Obama could order emergency tariffs, but he doesn’t want to upset his “Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement”. The result is the loss of thousands of union steelworkers jobs and tens of thousands of jobs in companies that supply goods and services to the Alcoa plants and to the soon to be unemployed steelworkers. That is nothing however compared to the job losses we will have if the trade agreement goes through. I don’t think Rahm, Rauner, or Obama have ever done a hard day’s work in their life. They don’t give a second thought to how bad they are making it for workers and retirees. They don’t care.

  3. I just saw an article that is sickening. Back in 2005 the city of Chicago sold the Skyway for a fire sale price of $1.83 Billion. Now, it has been re-sold for $2.8 Billion. Almost a $1 Billion profit. That $1 Billion would have been good for Chicago to have, they could have put it into the Chicago pension funds. Who bought the Skyway? The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System, and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.
    Why did the city sell the Skyway in the first place, and why was the money not put into the Chicago pension systems? Now we are all going to pay more in taxes, and Rahm lies, blaming the Chicago teacher, police, fire, and other Chicago city retirees. The retirees paid their money every paycheck, and their pensions are earned, deferred compensation. The city lost the money. The Chicago pension systems were not involved, except to be cheated out of the pension money that the city owes them. What happened to the $1.83 Billion? Is it gone? Who spent it, and what did we get for it?
    At least the Ontario Municipal Employees and the Ontario Teachers will get a long term income to their
    pensions, off of what we built and used to own. At least that’s better then the billionaires buying it. It still doesn’t help the Chicago public retirees.

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