16 thoughts on “Congress will honor Dick Cheney with a statue in the U.S. Capitol.

  1. Fred–surely this is a very bad joke. Cheney is possibly the most vile, disgusting, disgraceful, inhumane politico in the history of our country.

    He is a shameless politician who padded the pockets of his pals at Haliburton at the expense of tens of thousands of lives and billions and billions of dollars.

    Sick, sick, sick!

  2. Ironic. Old man Bush just came out with some very negative statements concerning him and other of Junior’s staff choices.

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  3. I understand that this is a tradition? It’s a waste of tax dollars and it is difficult to refrain from profanity at this news so I won’t. This just pisses me off.

  4. Fred,
    If it were April 1, I’d have a great laugh. This one beats the old April fool prank of telling your wife that her shoe’s untied. She looks at her feet to discover that she’s wearing loafers and you roar with laughter. Is this something like that? Cheney is wanted in several countries for war crimes. What next? A rehabilitation and statue of Lt. William Calley of the My Lai Massacre at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington? Please, Fred, tell us that it isn’t true. Is this an elevated version of what you call “Bizzaroworld?

  5. This adds insult to injury!
    Congress just pushed through another round of stealth Social Security cuts last week, which Obama eagerly signed. Obama should have asked himself “what would FDR have done”. When negotiating a budget, Obama had said “everything is on the table”. Big mistake. Now a new precedent has been set, and the Republicans will try to steal more Social Security in every future budget.
    Bush/Cheney went to war. Instead of hiking taxes on the super wealthy to pay the expenses of the military, incredibly, they LOWERED taxes on the super wealthy. Instead, they used the money that Social Security had in treasury bonds and spent it OFF THE BOOKS. When Social Security will need to cash those treasury bond in upcoming decades, congress will need to appropriate money to pay Social Security back. Will they admit it is money they “borrowed” from Social Security and they need to pay the debt they owe? Not likely. They will be blaming “greedy Social Security retirees” and act like the money is a gift. This is very similar to the pension thefts in Illinois.
    Within a week of cutting Social Security, they are spending the money on this statue. If his admirers want a statue, they should pay for it with private donations, not public funds.

  6. I’m worried it may fall off its pedestal. Or be defamed. Or disappear. Perhaps it will remind us of how important it is for everyone to vote, and every vote be counted.

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