10 thoughts on “CPS students lying in at Chicago’s downtown Thompson Center in protest of Rauner and school funding.

  1. CTU represents teachers currently employed, not retirees. The retirement plan is less than 50% funded. Most of the money from tax increases would go to pay teachers already retired. While that would make the fund last longer so that the retired teachers could get their pensions and health care for a few more years, the active teachers would not benefit from this. Nor will the students. Why would it not be better to have CPS go bankrupt now, settle the pension obligations for 40 cents on the dollar, and start over with a clean slate? This is a situation where solidarity victimizes the militants. Strikes and sit-ins and lie-downs should be in support of a school finance reform that has some chance of achieving the objectives that CTU claims to want.

    • Anonymous: “Settle the pension obligations for 40 cents on the dollar, and start over with a clean slate.” 80% of teachers are women. Women outlive men. I’m guessing therefore that between 85-90% of retired teachers are women. Probably 99% of them do NOT make the so called “generous” pensions that the wealthy and the politicians often quote! Not everyone is an Administrator at New Trier or Maine Township!!! Do you even CONSIDER the human misery of cutting the pensions by 60%!?!??! Theses are women in their 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s!! And greedy insensitive people like you call THEM “greedy”!! The money that was SUPPOSED to go to the pension funds was STOLEN by the politicians to keep taxes down and still pay for services, so they could say “look what we did without raising taxes!!” AND get reelected!!! The taxpayers ALREADY got the pension money!!!!!! You don’t even PRETEND to care about the elderly!!!!! Even Paul Ryan (also an insensitive jerk ) PRETENDED to care! When he wanted to pull the rug out from under the middle class by doing away with Medicare, he said it was only for people under 55, as he said he would not want to hurt his own grandmother. Come on!!!! Can’t you at least LIE like Ryan and PRETEND to have a human heart!??!

      • OK, pay 100% of the pensions up to $40,000 per year and limit the haircut to pension amounts above $40,000 per year. That would be a fairer way to deal with the hardships. My point is to question the unions’ objectives. Eventually there will be a solution to this underfunding problem … probably bankruptcy. Every dollar that goes toward the pension underfunding is a dollar that doesn’t go to classrooms and active teachers. The unions and students are letting themselves be used to fight the retirees’ fight. If the unions and students win what they claim to want, the result will be MORE money into unsustainable pensions + retiree health care and less money into teachers’ salaries and classrooms. The unions will say, of course, that there’s plenty of money for everything we want — just raise taxes on the wealthy. Certainly infinite money could produce that result. However, there is not infinite money so now there is a 5-way or 6-way fight for available money: taxpayers, legislators (who supposedly represent the taxpayers who are voters), students, active teachers, retired teachers, highways, water pipelines, — you get the idea. We can look for people to blame for the mess, but we can’t collect money from those people. So clever people like teachers, retired teachers, union officials etc. should work toward a way to clean up the mess rather than fight about who made the mess.

      • Anonymous,
        Have you read a newspaper lately? The Illinois Supreme Court ruled that a contract and the rule of law as defined by our constitution means that current retirees shall be paid the pension we earned. This is not a bargaining position. This is the law. Your opinion may be interesting to some, but the unanimous opinions of the members of the ISC is the law and trumps your opinion.

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