edTPA, the Illinois House hearing, Will Guzzardi and the IFT.


State Representative Will Guzzardi has concerns about edTPA. He sits on the House education committee.

Our efforts over the past 24 hours in getting folks to submit witness slips (you still can this morning) to the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee opposing edTPA has been a great success. It has resulted in over 230 opposition slips with less than 20 in support at 8AM this morning.

Thank you.

Illinois 39th State Representative Will Guzzardi is a member of the House Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education that has called the hearing on edTPA at 10:30 AM.

I asked him for a statement on edTPA.

He wrote me:

“I look forward to a rigorous hearing on Ed TPA today in Springfield. I worry that it presents many of the same challenges as other standardized testing regime’s: excessively high stakes placed on a single days performance; evaluation by a faraway entity with no context about the student or classroom; bias against people of color; and a high financial cost with no proof that it actually solves a problem.”

As usual, he gets it.

Meanwhile John Cusick, a legislative director of the IFT wrote me to complain about my characterization of the IFT on this issue.

Fred –

In terms of your IFT comments.

This committee hearing is scheduled today because IFT worked quietly for many months with former Rep. Golar, Other reps, house staff, and the Higher Ed coalition challenging EdTPA, to bring EdTPA concerns to the fore.

So your point is not on the mark.

Please check with the leads of the Higher Ed Coalition opposing EdTPA.

Thank you,


What did I write that is “off the mark”?

Neither the IEA nor the IFT have educated or mobilized members over this shift toward’s privatizing teacher licensure even though it impacts every future union member.

Sorry, John. My characterization is right on the money. Quiet behind the scenes efforts are fine. But educating and mobilizing union members are the union’s jobs one and two.

I will give John and the IFT credit: They have done more than the IEA on this issue.

But ask a member of the IFT what edTPA is and what their union is doing about it. Most have no idea about either.

This is not just a higher ed issue.

This is an issue for our profession. There would be thousands of slips in opposition if the unions had been doing their job.

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