The Democratic Party divide. The AFT and the NEA are on the wrong side.


The latest national polls show Bernie Sanders getting roughly a third of Democratic Party support.

Of course, election polling has become so problematic that Gallup has quit doing it altogether. Damn those young voters and their cell phones.

However, a third is nothing to sneeze at. And the dynamic his campaign has created is more than can be seen in his polling numbers. The campaign makes the centrists in the Democratic Party very nervous.

Sanders’ campaign represents the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Hillary represents the centrist wing. At one time the centrists called themselves the Democratic Leadership Council. They backed Bill’s campaign. Now they call themselves the Third Way.

On education issues the Third Way folks are represented by Democrats for Education Reform and Stand for Children, among others. They dominate within Obama’s Department of Education. Arne Duncan was their pick.

Their agenda is a corporatist reform of schools. Charters. Testing. A concern with forced racial integration. Privatizing teacher licensure though edTPA.

The decision by the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association to endorse Hillary represents more than an endorsement of a single politician.

That is the significance of finding them choosing to be a member of Teach Strong.

As part of Teach Strong the AFT and the NEA are at the table with every centrist Democratic Party corporate education reform group.

The mice are at the table with the cats.

And on the wrong side of the Democratic Party divide.

3 Replies to “The Democratic Party divide. The AFT and the NEA are on the wrong side.”

  1. “Hillary represents the centrist wing.” Merriam Webster says that a centrist is somebody who holds moderate views. With Hillary having strong ties to Monsanto and Wall Street, I don’t see her as somebody with moderate views.

    Bernie Sanders looks to be the ONLY candidate from either the Dem or Repub party who has any concern for the poor or middle class. Hillary may throw a bone out to the down trodden every once in a while. But that is only going to be if Big Pharma, Big Agri, or Wall Street gets plenty of theirs first.


  2. And if the state Supreme Court overturns the changes to the other two funds — which Moody’s assumes will happen — the city will save money in the short run but be left with the risk of those two funds going broke in about a decade, the report concludes.

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