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A group of racist Parisians stormed a silent vigil for victims of last night’s terror attacks waving a banner that called for the expulsion of Muslims. They were not welcomed.



Mayor-elect Jim Kenney has named Otis Hackney, the principal at South Philadelphia High School since 2010, to be his chief education officer. 

Hackney is widely acclaimed for turning around the high school, which had been plagued by racial tension and by violent attacks on Asian students.

In a release, the Kenney campaign credits him with “transforming the culture of ‘Southern’ into a model for other urban education systems.”

Under Hackney’s leadership, the high school has also put together one of the most advanced efforts in the city to implement the “community school” approach, which involves re-envisioning schools as accessible, full-service community centers for students and their families.

Kenney has touted community schools as a way to revitalize the city’s struggling neighborhood schools. He says he wants to create 25 community schools citywide. The Notebook


It has been more than a year since the killing of Michael Brown Jr. by Officer Darren Wilson ignited weeks of protest in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson. In the ensuing months, the Black Lives Matter movement has swept the entire nation, demanding, among many things, an end to racist police violence. The movement’s impact is unquestioned. Regular reporting on police violence in the mainstream media has changed the misperception that police brutality is rare and perpetrated by rogue officers. In late October, President Barack Obama said of police violence, “It’s real. We … have to take it seriously.” Keenga-Yamahtta Taylor


Here are some big picture numbers from the 2013 school year that were collected by the U.S. Dept. of Education.

  • There are more than 700 four year and above public colleges and universities receiving federal money.
  • Only 66 of those schools had 10 percent or more black faculty members.
  • More than half of those 66 schools were Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) which have far higher percentages of black faculty members.
  • Once HBCU’s are taken out of the mix, it leaves only 27 American colleges and universities that can say at least one in 10 faculty members are black.   That’s roughly 4 percent of all schools.

St. Louis Public Radio 



11 Replies to “Sunday posts, pics and tweets.”

  1. One day care I was familiar with allowed their workers free day care for their own kids. Their pay was still low, but having the free day care benefit made a big difference to those workers. It also helped the daycare reduce their turnover rate of the workers.

  2. Many countries in the industrialized world provide free child care, pre-K, free quality K12 and free education through college. It might be worth asking why not us?

  3. Who pays for “FREE” Fred????? When are you people going to figure out there is no. free!,,, how is your free garbage pick up working?????

    1. Who pays for it in the rest of the world? It is paid for by a progressive system of taxation where those who have more pay more. Who pays for roads? who pays for schools? They are paid for by a rationale and humane system of taxation that treats things like child care and health care as important to the well-being of a society as bridges and roads. Of course, even bridges and roads are now not worthy of payment by the wealthy, so our infrastructure is collapsing around us. In the U.S. there is a free lunch. But the rich get to eat it and we get to watch.

    2. Free…ask the college kid from Chicago that was on Neil Cavato…She had not a cue what she was talking about. Type her name in and see what expensive schools she went to….

  4. Nice tweet from David Sirota regarding Hillary. The comments or replies from other tweeters are worth reading, as well. It seems that some people just don’t want to give up on Hill. She’s a woman, has blonde hair, blue eyes, she’s white. Some think that she is as American as apple pie, and that it’s now time for a woman President. That’s a nice thought, but just maybe they would be better off waiting for Elizabeth Warren to run in the near future.

    In the mean time, Americans should give some strong thought to electing Bernie Sanders. He is the only candidate who is not cow towing to the Wall Street Bankers and the Big Agri Corporations.

  5. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who is NOT taking campaign money from the corporations and the rich…..he will owe NO FAVORS to what the 1% want… and they want it all!!. He is and always has been for the working class!!
    If this election slips by and he doesn’t win, we will have missed our once in a lifetime moment to return our government back to a government of, by and for the people because there will NEVER be another candidate who will work for us!!

  6. Thank you, Joni.
    Bernie Sanders is the ONLY candidate from either major party who grasps fully the problems that confront the nation and possesses the passion, the will, and the genius to deal with them. The rest are by varying degrees corporate lackeys or blithering idiots who will either make the nation tread water again or worse, sink it. And yes, the goals that Bernie Sanders sets for our country are quite achievable without impoverishing or bankrupting any of us, particularly our wealthy “job creators.” Unlike the other candidates who only pay lip service to our collective abilities as a people, Bernie is supremely confident that we are a “can do” nation.

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