I finally got my IEA Retired ballot and voted today.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 2.19.25 PM

After a slew of emails and unanswered and non-returned phone calls from the private outfit that is running the IEA Retired delegate election, I finally got to vote today.

Good thing. Tomorrow is the last day I could have requested a paper ballot if the online thing didn’t work.

There is too much wrong here.

Only 25 people are running for 21 delegate slots when 39 ran last year.

Too many IEA Retired members never got notification of the online voting.

How many retired members will go to all the work of multiple emails and unanswered phone calls? Turnout is normally less than 20%. This won’t exactly encourage more members to vote.

And it just is a little too weird to call an election for delegates who vote on the IEA budget, vote for who will be leadership and what the direction our organization will take, and call it a “pilot.”

Like a practice election? But the results count?

And no paper trail of the vote. I took a screen snap, but it is not likely anybody else will bother.

Can this be legal?

Then today, a former IEA President, current member of the IEA Retired Council and a candidate for delegate tells people to contact him so he can help them vote.

As predictable the Anti-IEA Critics are trying to “Make Something” out of a few cliches in a new promising 21 century system …if you are having problems voting (You must be an IEA-Retired Member)….try these…”If you did not receive voting information or have not been able to make it work — Election-America at HelpRetired@election-america.com or call 866-384-9978 — IEA Membership Help — Kim Trader — 217 – 321 – 2250 or kim.trader@ieanea.org)”

None of this works? Call Haisman direct — 708 997 1993 or Email Me — haismanbob@gmail.com….I will get you in contact with people that will help you cast your VOTE! For all the Haisman-Critics–Haters out there — relax, calm yourselves — don’t get your neck-tie to tight …. I’ll help members vote even if they are not voting for me — you don’t have to tell me who you are voting for — i just want to help YOU VOTE! I want Voter turnout to be HIGH! – Bob Haisman

I don’t know about “cliches,” but our local and Retired chapter always made it very clear that anybody running  for office stay far away from the actual voting and counting of votes. Nobody helps people vote that is in leadership or is running.

Well, except for a Chicago ward heeler.

And former IEA Presidents.


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