Pasgual LoPresti on the Illinois Supremes.


-Pasqual LoPresti

Too bad you missed it Fred. It actually made me believe in the justice system again.

The only bad part was the live feed we watched it on. The video was very choppy and would constantly freeze up but at least we were able to get I’d say 90% of the audio. At times I could swear 9fingers was hacking the feed someway.

Here is my take on it:

A gang of Shitty Hall lawyers all prim and proper on one side that as taxpayers, we retirees pay to go against us.

On our side our lawyers, Mr. Kristof and Mr. Shapiro, who have taken the case on contributions from us, so in a way we pay them also, but gladly.

After a few BS presentations, (I swear these people are zombized) they march out a representative of the municipal pension fund and one from the laborers pension fund. Yes.  The very people who are to look out and properly fund our retirement. To make a long story short, both reps told the court that they slapped the retirees and survivors faces for our own good.

Then it was back to the Shitty Hall lawyers and the judges stopping them at various points to ask them questions or clarify what they just said. They seemed a bit irked at what they were hearing.

Now it gets even better.

By the Shitty Hall’s lawyers own admission the City didn’t pay anything into the funds because by law they didn’t have to.

Amazing argument, right?

The pension funds were well funded, one was funded at 133% and that came from the Shitty Hall lawyer.

Again amazing argument, right ?

I wonder what magic formula they have that you can keep taking from a fund and not put anything into it and by the way that was the retirees money that we paid out of our checks, so if I may add, they stole our money and Daley is walking around a free man. And in fact Daley stole 250 million from the laborers pension fund to shore up the police and fire pension. Then tried again the next year but was stopped.

Amazing, isn’t it?

They also brought up the point that the unions 27 of 31 agreed to this so called reform. The very unions that CAN’T REPRESENT RETIREES BY LAW.

Amazing isn’t it ?

Our two lawyers were smooth and good and not once questioned by the judges. They had a very well presentation prepared with no bumps or curves. They brought up the fact that not one retiree was present at any of these so called reform talks, so how can they say we the retirees agreed to this.

Amazing isn’t it ?

Bottom line folks. Don’t hire any of the Shitty Hall lawyers, not even for a parking ticket ?

And Fred. May I add to your like of music the song by John Lennon, Instant Karma. It plays well with.this.

Hell I even have a smile on my face today !

5 Replies to “Pasgual LoPresti on the Illinois Supremes.”

  1. We just completed the elections for the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund. Once again, our two incumbent teachers trustees (Jay and Lois) were re-elected, and at leas two of our friends (Bures and Reilly) were re-elected as retiree trustees. We we still have a majority of the votes on the democratically elected CTPF. Someone should figure out how to get democracy in the Laborers and Municipal funds. Who picked their trustees?

  2. George funny you should ask. I can speak for laborers pension board. We have an eight member board. Four are City Hall personal appointed by the Mayor, (sounds bad already huh). The other four are suits in the union. Now in the old days when our union had a set of cojons and actually cared for its members and retirees, if a vote came up we could at least block it if it wasn’t to our benifit. But now this so called union is in bed with the mayor. Wait it gets better, we have one member of the four that supposedly represents the retirees, but we the retirees can’t vote for that person, nor does he have any contact with any retirees. Does the word FIX come to mind ? By law the union CAN NOT REPRESENT US RETIREES but yet they control our very being. I was a proud member of Laborers 1001 Union for 36 years and a stew for 9 years. I am now ashamed of what this union has turned into. That’s why I have so much respect for Ms Lewis that Lady is 110% Union. She is what my Union was. The group of Unions that called themselves WE ARE ONE, if 9fingers didn’t divide them and conquer them or had his 1%ers buy them off one by one, we would have had unmatched power in this City. Salutee CTU stay united you ARE what other unions once were.

    1. Pasqual, you can add the Plumbers union to this no good…do nothing group. A couple of times that I actually went to them and asked for some assistance and they told me to keep my shut and that I was lucky I had a job. A couple of years before I retired I stopped paying union dues.

  3. These people from the Laborers and Municipal funds are supposed to be looking out for us. But what do they do…..stab us in the back. It is not their money. I guess if we lose this thing (NOT)…..Then basically all contracts aren’t worth the paper their written on. I or anybody else then could call their mortgage company and say….Well, I’m not going to pay that 1000 dollars a month anymore but I will pay you 700 because I haven’t put enough aside for that and I told my work that I can only work so many hours!

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