Taking minutes.

I’m back from this morning’s IEA Retired brunch with IEA VP Kathi Griffin.

Now that the Skokie Swift is running again after five months of the CTA repairing a sink hole that sunk right under it, I am back taking the bus to the Purple line to the Swift to Skokie. This takes about an hour. It allows me plenty of time to walk in the rain the few blocks to Kaufmann’s bagels on Dempster. The bagels and cream cheese are for others (not me!). Then another five blocks back-tracking to the IEA Skokie office on Gross Point.

Kathi was a brave soul to come to our Skokie Organization of Retired Educators gathering.

We are a polite but knowledgable group. Everyone was cordial. But nobody held back.

Kathi and our members went back and forth on the IEA’s support for Common Core and its neutrality on opt-out. But both sides knew and anticipated each other’s arguments for each issue.

As for edTPA, Kathi admitted she could know more.

And our group is up to speed on this latest Pearson scam.

Why on earth did we, meaning the IEA, need to have somebody actually testify before an Illinois House committee in support of edTPA when there has been absolutely no discussion with those of us who have had student teachers in our careers. As retirees  many of us supervise student teachers.

“We have only heard from one student teacher who had a problem with edTPA,” Kathi said.

Good lord! I have heard from a half dozen just last week.

One Reply to “Taking minutes.”

  1. Teachers are seeing they’ve been sold down the river by the ones who have sold out to Gates and Pearson. How pathetic. Union leadership arguing on the side of corporate takeover conmen and profiteers, then telling the rank and file to “take back our profession.” Oh, the irony!

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