Random notes. Strike at O’Hare.

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Fast food workers deserve $15 an hour and more. But the Fight For $15 is about more than those who toil at McDonald’s. A story in the New York Times today reports that most people in the Big Apple don’t earn enough to get by. Then there are the service workers at O’Hare and other airports. Workers who keep terminals and plane cabins clean, move bags and transport people with disabilities. They are contract workers who barely make the minimum wage. Last night they went on strike.

2 Replies to “Random notes. Strike at O’Hare.”

  1. These jobs used to be done by union city workers. This is an example of what happens when “privatization” is implemented. They were making over $15 and benefits back in 2005. Now they are getting minimum wage and virtually no benefits. Now they are forced to strike just to try to get back to where they were 10 years ago. What was done to these workers is what Rauner and Rahm want to do to all public employees.

  2. The rich, greedy, fat, old, ugly, white men like Rauner, believe that this country needs to bring back indentured servitude to make Illinois and the country better by creating more money for the rich!! They also are trying to create a caste system as in India of old! Boy, am I glad we elected Rauner!! (sarcasm!) Who’s dumber? Iowans, or Illinoisans?

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