Random notes. edTPA on Broadway.

From Jim Broadway’s authoritative Springfield newsletter:

Retired Chicago teacher Fred Klonsky featured an essay on his popular blog in August reporting that, under ISBE’s rule, “Pearson has become the gate-keeper for student teachers in Illinois.” Klonsky’s editorial position quickly become a call to “Stop the Pearson takeover of Illinois student teacher certification.”

The edTPA does not improve the process, Klonsky asserts, but it costs each applicant $300. It detracts from the student teaching process, raises privacy concerns, does not achieve what the state’s teacher accountability policy intends to do, and it “is a result of a no-bid contract by the ISBE with Pearson,” he alleges.

It was clear at last week’s hearing that the House committee had zero familiarity with edTPA, a policy with high impact that is already down the road. That can only lead to trouble for ISBE. That may be why the Board will vote today to add an “educator licensure initiative” to its 2016 legislative agenda.

3 thoughts on “Random notes. edTPA on Broadway.

  1. I smell SUPES here, as in ILL-Annoy political hot water–& not the good kind of soup. As I’ve said before, “No-bid contract? Pear$on & ISBE (especially, Chris Koch {& didn’t Pear$on send him on some trips & wine-&-dine him?} who’s now even more so making out like a bandit {Dance of the Lemons, friends} at his new position–& isn’t it at an agency that may have some connection to edTPA, Fred?) WHERE ARE THE FEDS?”
    Throwing Barbara Byrd Bennett under the bus is small potatoes compared to the size of this catastrophe, severely adversely affecting ALL of the children in ILL-Annoy, not to mention all of the lives/careers (educators fired/laid off due to “budget cuts,” great #s of families & children affected by lay-offs & unemployment)–but, still, $$$$$ flowing into the endless money machine named Pear$on. (I liken it to “The Golden Arm” injection of heroin–many holes , & never stops.)

    Stakeholders–IL Coalition for EdTPA Rule Change, IEA, IFT, parent groups, taxpayers of ILL-Annoy–get together & DEMAND a FEDERAL investigation.

  2. Fred –

    Where in the attached document is there information regarding edTPA. I am interested in seeing this, but cannot find it. I am sure it is there, but …

    Thanks and all good wishes.

    Jerry Becker

    1. Jerry,
      JIm Broadway’s column has many links to information of edTPA. And if you go to my search box and type in edTPA I have posted tons. Happy reading.
      – Fred

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