5 Replies to “Laquan McDonald.”

  1. Probably a lame comment in the face of this (& yet another) tragedy, but I had always though that the police (at least in the supposed democracy that is the U.S.A.) were trained to merely disable a perp, such as shooting in the leg(s). Since when is shooting someone in the head, back, chest or anywhere a vital organ could be hit “justifiable?” Not to mention SIXTEEN times–that looks/sounds like the ambush of Bonnie & Clyde or Sonny Corleone (& the mob had him killed).
    Who is responsible for police training–Pear$on?

  2. IDOC always instructed us to shoot center mass. One warning shot then center mass. No distinguishing between killing or wounding. Also minimum force necessary to secure the situation. The Bonnie&Clyde ambush is the first thing that came to my mind when I read about the shooting of Laquan.

  3. There should indeed be protests. PEACEFUL protests by all the children of God, not mindless riots. This COUNTRY needs a man like The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.

  4. I just saw the tape and do not see how there will be a defence. I can not emagine any defense for this. i hope the officers gets a fair trail and if what appears to have happened is found to be fact, I hope they send him away for life. Fred I have never seen or thought something like this happens….My apoligizes for doubting you.

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