Random Thoughts.


Last night at the great Chicago Teacher Union rally in Grant Park I was at the foot of the stage taking pictures. I waved to 10th Ward Alderman Sue Sadlowski Garza and Karen Lewis.

Sue waved back. Karen Lewis waved, but was trying to tell me something. The crowd was screaming and I’m not wearing my hearing aids. I could tell Karen Lewis was saying something about “contract.” Contract? I couldn’t tell more than that.

Later I found out what she was telling me. I had written that the CTU contract expires at the end of this coming year. “It has already expired,” the President corrected me. Chicago teachers are working without a contract.

“My apologies,” I wrote to her.  “I corrected it in the post with my error crossed out. I hate it when people don’t admit their errors. ‘Show your work,’  my math teacher used to say.”
“Yep. I always taught my students good laboratory practices. Draw a single line through the mistake, initial and date it.  Then fix it,” she wrote back.
An educator in charge.

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