2 Replies to “Jail killer cops. Not Poets. #FreeMalcolmLondon”

  1. Nanbrand, almost forgot about this incident on your link. Funny how the mainstream media brings up these incidents and then quickly silences them. This is just as crazy as the Laquan McDonald shooting. Actually there should be even more outrage because Officer Sierra admitted to drinking before he went on his shift. http://newsone.com/2108958/gildardo-sierra-cop-violence/ According to the linked article, he is still working.

    I hope that this incident resurfaces for comparative purposes to show that trigger-happy, short-tempered, unqualified policeman can come in all colors. To many, the Laquan McDonald shooting is viewed as a racist crime. Until we get a confession, or a more thorough background check of the officer who shot Laquan, we won’t know. Based on the photo of Officer Sierra, it appears that he is not caucasian. Not sure of the ethnicity of Officer Sierra’s victim. Sierra was involved in a situation that is very similar to the La Quan McDonald situation.

    The mainstream media sometimes salivates by taking issues like this and focuses in subtle ways on the racial aspect of them, rather than focusing on the more specific, and more accurate, points of it being about unqualified members of the police force. This country has a long history of racial divisiveness. Many strides to righten the wrongs have been made…….and more must still be made. Inaccurate and biased news reporting can only help to aggravate things.

    Let me propose a question: Should Officer Sierra still be collecting a very nice salary (compliments of the Chicago taxpayers), or should he too be sitting in a jail cell on a first degree murder charge? I say the next time a media story is run on LaQuan McDonald, let the Sierra incident resurface along side it, so that people can be reminded that its more about unqualified policeman than it is about race.

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