Random thoughts.


“A fish first stinks at the head,” is an expression that comes from the Turks.

That stink you smell comes directly from the 5th floor.

Anita Alvarez has finally, after 400 days, indicted Jason Van Dyke, one psychopathic cop, for the murder – but nobody for the cover-up of the murder – of Laquan McDonald. Too little. Too late. It is just not good enough.

Other cops stood there and watched and followed their racist bullshit code of silence.

Alvarez, McCarthy and the Mayor knew what went down all this time and kept silent.

They tried to cover it up with a $5 million payment to the family of Laquan McDonald before there was even a lawsuit.

At the Sun-Times, Sneed has already begun publishing the names of Black and brown cops that are possible replacements for McCarthy.

Alvarez will not survive. We will elect Kim Foxx as the new State’s Attorney.

But in the streets, the chants are for more than that.

One Reply to “Random thoughts.”

  1. “At the Sun-Times, Sneed has already begun publishing the names of Black and brown cops that are possible replacements of McCarthy”. As the unveiling of this vile murder points out, there should be no comfort taken in the publishing of “Black and brown” possible replacements of McCarthy. I’m willing to bet there were “B or b” cops on the scene of the shooting—didn’t make any difference did it? We have to go way beyond the color of a person for the job. We have to focus on the morality and integrity of the individual chosen. A Black or brown McCarthy is still a McCarthy!

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