11 Replies to “Resign.”

    1. The shame of all this is that policing has just got even harder because of the bad apples. I bet these police academy is going to find it harder and harder to fill recruitment numbers. Who the hell wants to be a policemen now.

      1. Exactly, Jack–same thing (in a different way) being done to teachers.
        Could lead to a “cherry-picked” police force,, leading to a Police State & martial law–not just here, but across the country (well, look at same, sickening situations– NYC, Ferguson, Florida, etc., ad nauseum, emphasis on nauseum).
        Perhaps that’s all in the ALEC plan.
        And–remember the adage–“you’re not paranoid if they’re out to get you.”
        (Anyone know its origin?)

  1. No. This is not a problem of “one bad apple.” This is a system problem. Half a billion dollars paid out by the city in CPD abuse cases is a scandal. It already is a cherry-picked police force bordering on being a police state in the Black community. It is nothing like teachers because the police department and police officers are not the victims here. The FOP is a gang, and is nothing like the teachers union. In fact to call it a union is to defame our good name.

  2. If only they would. One year to “investigate” a murder for which they had a clear video. Evil and disgraceful. Caught by a persistent independent jounalist. They have no credibility. How many other murders have they covered up?

  3. I have a family member who is a veteran Chicago police officer. Thanksgiving dinner talk is guarded around this issue, However, our relative told us that there was no reason the officer couldn’t have used a taser instead. When the city offered taser training, our relative immediately signed up for it. Tasers have their issues, and I would far rather see a police force which truly serves and protects, instead of one made up of trigger-happy brutes. Several non-lethal options are available, In addition, why aren’t cops encouraged to engage and build solidarity with the communities they patrol in? Are the plutocrats afraid that the police might turn against their overlords?

    The city of Chicago has paid out $500 million to keep killer cops on the streets and out of the news, I’m sure the city’s insurance premiums have been hiked so the regime of killer cops followed by big settlements can continue to fly under the radar. Rahm’s response: silence, delays and increased property taxes, to hurt the working people of the city. I am glad to see people standing up.
    Really, what is so hard about training and maintaining a police force that actually “serves and protects?”

    We already know that answer – oligarchy cannot sustain itself without a brutal legion of enforcers, trained to suppress protests and demands from those at the bottom, using every means possible. Killing is just a front-line option to them. Instead of addressing the root cause of criminal activity (poverty being one factor, our over hyped media veneration of the rich and famous another), Rahm and his fellow plutocrats refuse to address these issues..

    Rahm’s and his predecessors practice of ignoring the city’s poor and working classes is just business as usual.

    1. “…why aren’t cops encouraged to engage and build solidarity with the communities they patrol in?”

      If the city really wanted that, they’d have to fire a lot of people first. Because the city’s police force is very, very white, you see. And the city isn’t. I’m not saying the police force should always reflect the precise racial makeup of the city, but if officers are expected to engage the populace it would be a whole lot easier if they seem like they could be from the community they’re interacting with.

      “Who the hell wants to be a policemen now?”

      Well, first, let’s not have so many police “men”, okay? Again, the city is NOT made up of a majority of white guys. Start recruiting more women, especially those who are African-American, Puerto Rican-American and Mexican-American. If the person who got out of that SUV to fire at Mr. McDonald was an African-American woman, do you think we’d be talking about this now? Or would she perhaps have thought twice about killing a young man in cold blood who could be from her own community?

      The job is very dangerous and relatively low-paying. Those facts will keep people from wanting to become cops, NOT the risk that if you become one you might brutally murder someone in cold blood and subsequently have that video end up all over TV and the internet. If THAT is what deters an individual from joining the force, we should be glad that person did NOT become a cop.

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