It brings out the rats.


Photo credit: Fred Klonsky

Publishing a blog is something I like to do. It is always great when people I don’t know come up to me at a meeting or at a protest like today on North Michigan and tell me how much they like what I do here.

But certain things seem to bring out the rats.

Actually one thing.

It happened around the time of Ferguson. And Baltimore. And now here in Chicago with the release of the video showing the brutal murder of African American seventeen-year old Laquan McDonald.

I start getting different kinds of comments that I can screen out. But I read them before I trash most of them.

They will ask me to defend what some protester said.

Or they will tell me that I must hate all cops.

All white people.

Or some other nonsense.

Sometimes I post the least offensive and make some snarky remark or mock them.

And then it turns real ugly.

Maybe they will throw in something about me being a Jew.

Or an n-loving greedy teacher Jew.

Of course they always hide behind being anonymous. And rest assured that these racist comments do not hurt my feelings. They are just words. They are nothing compared to the reality of those who must face the concrete effects  of white racism in America.

Not one of these anonymous rats who crawl out at times like this will ever express a word of sympathy for an African American seventeen-year old who threatened nobody but was riddled with 16 bullets by a Chicago cop.

Whose murder was covered up for 400 days by the good leaders of our city.

Because they have no sympathy for Laquan McDonald.

They just don’t feel anything.

Except race-hatred.

7 Replies to “It brings out the rats.”

  1. The rats.

    I am heartbroken by the killing of people by the CPD and the subsequent coverup including the mayor and prosecutor. But most don’t even mention the “agreement” the ACLU came to with the CPD this fall to end the illegal practice of stop and frisk. And the illegal black site of Homan Square where the CPD would disappear people away from legal help and their families. Killing, street harassment, and black sites. Indefensible.

    And supported by rats. Patricia Herrmann

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  2. I like your comments and think they reflect common sense. I totally dislike fear mongering, which too many politicians are doing to get votes. People who give you bad comments are people who have bought into the thought that all of us are not created equal. Some are better than others.

  3. Fred, thanks for all that you do. There is often no point in dealing with rude commenters. They are usually severely brainwashed by the mainstream media. Often too, their foolishness and inability to reason properly comes from being a product of a home that has had generations of hatred and bigotry, or abuse.

    It’s not always easy, but do your best to oil up your skin and just let those comments roll off your back like water on a duck. Ignore. There are better things ahead. Comments like the ones you mentioned are just bumps in the road.

  4. Yes, there are rats who do not have the courage to sign a name to a hate filled post. Keep on keeping on and speaking truth to power. You know that, I know.

  5. Thanks, Fred. Most of the racist crazies who post to our local newspaper site here in the Champaign-Urbana area are repeat posters — a small group with very offensive ideas. I worry more about the readers who agree silently.

  6. Thanks Fred for your alternative, insightful blog comments and postings. We don’t always agree on everything and that’s more than OK! A democracy needs an open sharing of views, opinions and points of view. Something you provide.

    From one greedy teacher to another!

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