Random thoughts.


On the Friday after Thanksgiving, when our kids were little, we would take them downtown, like thousands of other Chicagoans, to look at the Christmas windows at Marshall Fields on State Street.

We would go to the first-floor cosmetics department and stand in the middle of crowds of holiday shoppers. “Look up,” I would tell them, although they did not need the instruction since we did it every year. And we would gaze at the beautiful Tiffany ceiling.

Other shoppers seeing us looking up would stop and look up too. And our kids would giggle that we got them to do it.

Next, it was to the mattresses on some upper floor for a closer look at the Tiffany tiles and a glance at the Great Tree below.

In the Trim-A-Tree department our girls could buy one ornament for our tree. It was a tough decision.

If we were early enough and the line wasn’t too long, we made a brief stop for a brief conversation with Santa Claus.

My God. It was all so traditional.

Our kids are grown and gone. They have families of their own. Many Thanksgivings we see them. Not this year.

We won’t go to Marshall Fields this year. There is no Marshall Fields. It has become a Macy’s.

Today it will be very different in another way.

We are going instead to Michigan and Wacker to join with what I hope will be thousands of others to protest the most brutal killing of Laquan McDonald. An African American seventeen-year old, Laquan McDonald was killed with sixteen bullets from the gun of Jason Van Dyke, a Chicago policeman.

He fired all the bullets in his gun into that young man’s body. And he reloaded and fired again.

He reloaded.

The facts of the killing were supressed at the highest levels – meaning including the Mayor – for over 400 days.

If you live in Chicago, join us at 11AM.

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