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The Illinois State Board of Education recently made public the results of the 2015 5Essentials Survey, a compilation of responses from about 675,000 students and 103,000 teachers that reveals the strengths and weaknesses affecting school culture and atmosphere.

Find your school’s scores: Statewide survey of leadership, teachers, culture and atmosphere

The vast majority of schools are considered weak to mediocre in most areas that make for successful schools, a Tribune analysis found, such as how well principals are leading, teachers are collaborating and students are feeling safe and supported.



And then there is State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, who failed Laquan McDonald by taking 13 months to charge Officer Jason Van Dyke with murder. Perhaps Alvarez and her re-election team envisioned a photo op of her standing in a phalanx of feds including Attorney General Loretta Lynch and U.S. Attorney Zachary Fardon as they announced civil rights charges in this case. Carol Marin


12314627_1081826111858342_1321525117291832062_o Chicago. Michigan Avenue.  Black Friday, 2015. Photo credit: Frank James Johnson.


“There was a joke for a long time that if you went into a museum, you’d think America had only two black artists — Jacob Lawrence and Romare Bearden — and even then, you wouldn’t see very much,” said Lowery Stokes Sims, the first African-American curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and later the president of the Studio Museum in Harlem.




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