Pasqual on why Rahm has got to go.


-Pasqual LoPresti

One down two to go and on NBC news tonight the community leaders and preachers are calling for the serpent head.

And if anyone doesn’t believe this order came from 9fingers, direct or indirect, better come down to earth. One of the most fascinating facts in this is – pull up the council’s meeting of, I believe it was April 15, there were 2 votes in a row on payouts by name which the good Amazon cowboy hat shopper put down his shopping phone and brought to the floor.

But amazingly only one was reported in the media. 1st one was to Mrs. Koschman, the mother of the young man that was killed by Daley’s nephew, and the 9-year cover-up and conspiracy by those present at the scene – but also the city.

The broken heart of a mother reIives this for 9 years and at the end her son’s life was worth 60 day jail and 50,000 dollars.

Now fast forward next vote was on the death and coverup of this young, McDonald. No arrest made. No court. No nothing. But in 6 months time it was deemed by our great puppet master and his bobble headed council to be worth 5 million dollars. Besides he was a ward of the state.

Can anyone please explain to me how one life is worth 50 thou and another worth 5 mil?

Now lets stop and think who would profit from this coverup. Plain and simple, he stole the election.

Not only did they pick the taxpayers pockets for this payoff, but also short changed our schools or our pensions with this theft. Yes, he needs to step down but he needs a new address and his own li’l personal number. The address needs to start out FCI and the new number should be 31588-117

Chicago cries for a new start. I hope this will be it

6 Replies to “Pasqual on why Rahm has got to go.”

  1. Cover up Chicago style. Big Time.

    Rahm and Aleverz should resign and hope they do not go to jail.

    Lisa should also should be concerned.

    I also question the five million. This boy was a ward of the state. Is Chicago paying Springfield? The number is on the moon – I feel we a complete accounting. Also a suit was never filed. This is pure hush money.

    And the city council – how did they agree to this? Did they even look?

  2. Its now national and could sure drag the Clintons in ……that could be his end . There is hope that he will go. Now if we could get rid of the toxic trio at the state level……

  3. All true and more, but what didn’t people know when they re-elected him last year? And, for that matter, when they elected him the first time? Apparently the voters don’t care (or they approve).

  4. The actual discussion happened in the Finance Committee meeting on 4/13. That’s where Rahm’s general counsel made his case – you know, like Bush’s peeps made theirs for the Iraq War. All these aldercreatures are going to claim they were duped – just like Hillary, et al do now, re: the Iraq War, when the records of that meeting come out.

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