Rahm threatens Black clergy.


Was it arrogance or panic?

Aldertrack’s Mike Fourcher reports on a meeting between Mayor Rahm and a group of African American clergy last Tuesday.

According to attendees, the Mayor then told the group that if there was violence over the weekend, he would not be able to find resources to bring jobs into their community.

“He said, if things go bad then don’t come looking to me for jobs,” said Rev. Brooks.

“There was something about how if you don’t encourage peace, don’t look to me for resources,” said Young Leaders Alliance head Jedidiah Brown, who was also present.

According to multiple people, Rev. Brooks then interrupted the Mayor, “I told him that was insensitive, it was unfair to hold us accountable if anything went wrong and that we would not get jobs.”

The Mayor then backtracked, according to Brooks and others. “He said that what he meant was that resources he’d use to get jobs [would have to be] use[d] to clean up the city of Chicago,” following violent protests.

“From what I got out of it, like any other city, if there’s unpeaceful protests, the city takes an economic hit because of it,” said Rev. Barrett.

All agreed that following the jobs discussion, the group got testier.

Brown asked if Mayor Emanuel would fire Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy. The Mayor refused to do so, “Because the Superintendent has done some things that have improved the culture of the Police Department,” Brown says the Mayor told the group.

One week later and the police superintendent has been fired.


11 Replies to “Rahm threatens Black clergy.”

  1. Things are quite heated right now. But it’s funny how, as time passes, things tend to be forgotten and minimized in this town. The Cook State’s Attorney election is close enough that voters should remember and oust her from her current position. It’s a long way though, to the next mayoral election. But if for some reason, the voters of Chicago reelect the arrogant, shady Rahm Emmanuel for a third term in the next mayoral election, then somebody ought to pour a tall glass of cold water on the sleeping voters to get them out of their stupor.

  2. Rahm, get the He** out of Dodge! Today!
    No backroom deals in restaurants worked out by Arne & Co., either.
    Send Rahm & Co. packing!!
    Residents kf Chicago…just wait until Obama joins his schyster buddies after his term is up. Buckle your seatbelts now!

  3. McCarthy has now experienced firsthand the feeling that thousands of CPS teachers and other CPS and City employees and retirees have felt. Rahm plunging a knife in their back!

    1. I disagree. McCarthy has his pick of jobs and pensions from multiple municipalities. When teachers get canned they worry about paying bills and if you’re over 50, the real possibility you’ll never teach again. Quite different.

      1. Duane,
        Point well taken! Rahm throws him out of the airplane like the rest of us, but financially, you are right. McCarthy probably gets a golden parachute, all the rest of us get a handkerchief, if that. I wonder if they pay out the rest of his $260,000 per year contract? Some news reporter should ask Rahm about that on the air.

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