Rahm’s rule is on life support, but we are feeling the pain.


Rahm Emanuel is not yet the pariah he should be among national Democrats.

Obama expressed concern about the killing of Laquan McDonald, but did not mention the name of the man who orchestrated the cover-up.

Same with Bernie Sanders.

Yesterday, front-runner Hillary Clinton stuck a knife in Rahm’s back by joining the call for a federal investigation into the practices of the CPD.

Never mind that Rahm has been a Clinton loyalist since his days in the first Bill campaign, as senior advisor in the White House and Chief of Staff for Obama.

There are no permanent friends in the Democratic Party. Only constant betrayal.

I shed no tears for Rahm, a master of the practice.

Meanwhile the President of the Chicago police union gives those who his members are supposed to protect and serve a spanking.

“People are screaming for a change. If you have kids that scream for treats and you give them treats, they’ll continue to scream” and demand even more candy, says FOP President Dean Angelo. Kids who scream for treats? That would be you and me.

The real union in town, the Chicago Teacher Union, held their House of Delegates meeting last night. They officially set the strike vote for December 9-11. According to the law that means they may not strike until March.

With Emanuel in free fall, it is the city that suffers. CTU President Karen Lewis says she has a hard time figuring out who the union bargaining team is negotiating with.

“We have new people at every single negotiation session. . . . It’s hard for us to have real negotiations.”

The CTU HOD also voted to support a genuine civilian review board of police practices.

CTU VP Jesse Sharkey reported on negotiations to the  Chicago Teachers Union House of Delegates meeting. The Board of Ed proposes to reduce steps and lanes. They want major pay cuts. They want to defund healthcare plans. The board offer amounts to $653 million in take-aways.

That is slightly more than the amount the city has paid out in police abuse cases over the past ten years.

4 thoughts on “Rahm’s rule is on life support, but we are feeling the pain.

  1. The police union seems to go out of its way to make it hard to be a union supporter.

    Fortunately, Karen Lewis reminds me why I am anyway.

  2. Really Fred? Crying for treats, not like any other union in town.
    Its a union until you disagree with them huh Fred.
    I will say its bad though, even the wall street journal agrees with a DOJ investigation.
    That means you and the WSJ are on the same page. Holy crap!!!
    Tomorrow it will rain cats and the sun will come up in the west.

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