Random thoughts.


The national Democrats own Rahm. He is the face of the Democratic Party.

Where are the national Democratic Party leaders who are ready to call for Rahm’s resignation?

Yes. Hillary has joined the call for a Justice Department investigation of the CPD. But even Rahm has reversed course and  agreed to a federal inquiry.

“Many things must happen to restore trust in the Chicago Police Department and I welcome efforts and ideas that can help us achieve that important goal,” Emanuel was quoted as saying in a statement issued by his office.

We don’t need an investigation of the Chicago police in order to restore trust. We need an investigation into the history of criminal abuse and cover-ups to get to the truth.

We don’t investigate crimes in order to restore trust in the criminal. If there was – as seems likely –  a history of systematic abuse, political cover-ups and obstructions of justice, then the point of a federal investigation should be to reveal that and then  pursue the criminals.

I don’t believe leaving this to the Department of Justice is enough.

Chicago has seen a load of federal investigations that end up in a black hole somewhere.

And anyone who believes that Rahm’s Task Force will lead to the truth is buying bunkum.

Lori Lightfoot, currently head of the Chicago Police Board was appointed by the Mayor to his task force. She has already declared the 400 day delay in releasing the Laquan McDonald video totally appropriate.

The rest of the members of the task force are no better.

And further, Chicago needs to throw out the current mayoral appointed police review board and replace it with a community-based police review board.

Why not a community-based Task Force as well, made up of independent voices, independent investigators and the young activists that have refused to be pushed aside on the issue of Black Lives Matter?

If it weren’t for these independent voices, independent investigations and young activists taking it to the streets, the facts we now know would still be locked up.

Those are the folks I trust to get to the truth.

6 Replies to “Random thoughts.”

  1. Mayor Emanuel, SA Alvarez, Ald. Burke and O’Connor, dozens of others who knew better and new that laws were being violated need to be held accountable. Before anyone writes another message about Resignation….please investigate what people knew, when they knew it, what they did or did not do. There are public statements on the record. And all of these key individuals must be investigated. The public can do this. We’re teachers, if not us? Who? If not now? When?

  2. The Federal Investigations never did much to expose the corruption of Mayor Daley. Why should we expect anything different in this case? Yes, the young activists should be commended for helping to expose this craziness. Also, journalists and reporters like Carol Marin and Mary Mitchell should be commended, as well. Stay on the case ladies!

  3. It was the journalists Fred, kudos to them.
    As for a task force, review board or whatever, If you can’t trust the Feds there is a bigger problem.
    The crimes committed here are the shooting and any immediate cover up. What evidence is there that there was any intent to never release the video by the mayor or state’s attorney? Supposition of course, proof is different. Is there a law that says it needs to be released? Time frame? Those are the things that need changing,

    1. Good to see that you have decided to make your assertions without name-calling. Keep playing well with others and you can stay.

  4. Still waiting for the emails between Emanuel and Sachs. Who knows? Rahmie may have discussed his dilemma with his bestie and evidence might be had with their release.

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