Rahm: “Oh, you can’t scare me. I’ll blame it on the union.”


Of all the twisted excuses and blaming by those responsible for the cover-up of the killing of Laquan McDonald by police officer Jason Van Dyke, a big one is the blaming  of the police union.

This will not be a defense of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police. That is another issue for another day.

Among the trolls who regularly write to me (and who I do not and will not ever publish), the blame the union line is a common talking point.

Unions are responsible for everything from climate change to shark attacks.

It is no surprise that the Mayor, the State’s Attorney and the police superintendent would use the same talking points.

After they viewed the video tape (although Rahm says he never saw it), they argue that they were prevented from acting because of union rules.

On what planet does a union contract prevent a murderer from being arrested?

Not on this planet.

Except for Chicago.

Writing in the Tribune today Stanley Kravit, an arbitrator-mediator in Chicago who has handled 80,000 arbitration cases, points out that a collective bargaining agreement doesn’t even prevent timely work-place disciplinary measures, let alone criminal activity.

Disciplinary action is taken for just cause. When a public employer completes the investigation referred to above, it makes a decision as to whether just cause is present. Again, the investigation and the decision are not subject to the whims of a prosecutor. Where just cause exists, timely charges and specifications are vital for several reasons. First, this protects the rights of an accused officer. Second, this process represents the kind of administration in which the public can have confidence. Finally, only timely discipline carries the right message to the rest of the department: that management intends to do the right thing in the right way and no officer can expect to sit at a desk for 400 days, drawing full pay and benefits, hoping that delay will translate into exoneration.

Time is running out and Rahm is running out of people to blame.

7 Replies to “Rahm: “Oh, you can’t scare me. I’ll blame it on the union.””

  1. This blame the union line is so, so annoying. Pretty soon in a generation or two, people will probably believe it. By then it will be too late to correct. I’m hoping that a few heads of Chicago’s leadership get nailed for obstruction. It’s a pipe dream – but I can still hope. I was a child in the 60’s and a teen in the 70’s. Back then, I felt we were progressing. Now, we’re devolving. Sad and troubling that we got to this point!

  2. Fred, this troll never said the union was to blame.
    All parties are pulling the oars in the same direction, they feed off one another.
    The union is not to blame for the cover up, but, as you pointed out there is a process.
    Over time and over a number of contracts how much more difficult does a process become?
    The guy sat at a desk for 400 days, cost about $100K. Did the union push for resolution?
    Not that I have read, and that is the point. They should have an interest in an accountable dep’t as much as anyone else.

    The FOP was spouting the ” he was in fear for his life” from the very beginning. They are advocates for members, period.

    Why not publish a few trolls Fred? If for nothing else but entertainment value.

  3. CPS always used this excuse to relieve themselves of any responsibility to address the corruption and less than acceptable teaching practices by some in the 70s and 80s during the time I worked in their inner city schools. It was very convenient to blame fictitious union rules on their unwillingness to provide teaching materials, orderly schools and manageable teaching environments. CPS claimed it was impossible to get rid of “bad teachers” on whom they blamed everything for their corrupt system. It was up to the union to negotiate for better teaching conditions, because that was never on the agenda for CPS. With out CTU the schools would have been in worse condition.

  4. Open your eyes every Chicagoan. There was only two people that could benifit of this cover up, that would be the accused if he is convicted. The other is the squatter from Wilmett on the 5th floor. Who alone with just this one crime should be charged with a felony (5 million is alot more than stealing a candy bar) the theft of public funds for ones own profit or gain. Trust me CPD is no fan of his and it is so ridiculous to think an officer at the scene called him up and said “look man we love you we are going to risk our careers and jail time to help you” Rest assured the CPD union didn’t call him and say we got your back we will cover this for you. They know he has lied on everything and anything he has ever said. Granted a Mayor doesn’t know everything that goes on but he sure the hell knows when anything major happens. Plus election time, come on people no way in hell he wasn’t on top of this. I don’t think it’s allowed that I post two pictures from our site City Workers Present and Past, the pics of his highness that were a week or two apart. our site. But your welcome to view them or Fred can bring them over to his site if hede like. It shows a cocky smug sure as hell don’t mess with me face that in a few days time has turned into a face in pain weakness fragile all sunken and worried. He is desperate right now he’s on the ropes. All of Chicago and the aldermen need to pressure each day until he goes down for the count. Chicago cries for help even the BBC has broadcasts about it. The New York Times and Huffington posts are calling on his resignation…Remember, RESIGN THEN DO THE TIME. They gave Elvis Blago 14 years for talking stupid. This guy not only stole our taxes for self enrichment but also STOLE CHICAGO’S RIGHT TO A REAL MAYOR. Yes our votes were stolen first due to Ms Lewis illness then the shooting cover up. It’s time 9 fingers for you to move to Cuba and try playing your shtick there.

  5. This mayoral cover up mess reminds me of two quotes: Howard Baker “What did the president know, and when did he know it?” (in this case the mayor) And President Harry Truman “The buck stops here!”

  6. BS which the local lapdog press lets go by unchecked. All police shootings are investigated by IPRA which makes a recommendation for/against discipline which is then sent on to the Superintendent and Police Board for further action. Sure, FOP may defend its members if discipline action is taken but FOP has no role in the decision to institute discipline. Blaming FOP serves to divert attention away from IPRA which is a Rahm appointment and has an abysmal do-nothing record.

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