Random thoughts. Trump’s anti-Semitism.


Nobody should be shocked by the news that Donald Trump is a fascist-minded racist and anti-Semite.

In fact, The Donald is running on fascism and racism as his platform.

Yesterday a group of Republican Jews had the Republican candidates come and speak to them.

Apparently it was some kind of anti-Semitic freak show.

Ben Carson confused the Palestinian organization Hamas with the chick pea dip, Hummus.

News reports said the room found that amusing.

Donald Trump gave  a vile speech which included every anti-Semitic stereotype imaginable.

“I’m a negotiator, like you folks,” Trump said, later turning to the crowd and asking: “Is there anyone in this room who doesn’t negotiate deals? Probably more than any room I’ve ever spoken.”


“You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money,” Trump teased the crowd of 700 Republican Jewish Coalition activists and top donors gathered in Washington to hear all 14 presidential candidates give their spiel. “You’re not going to support me even though I’m the best thing that will ever happen to Israel,” Trump went on, explaining that Jewish voters “want to control” their politicians by the donations they give them.

And on and on.

Reports are the Jewish Republicans also found this amusing.

Jewish Republicans? Grandpas Sam and Louis are spinning in their graves.

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