Random thoughts. From the fringe.


It is not as if most mainstream Chicago reporters have a lot to be proud of when it comes to the 13 months that it took the Laquan McDonald story to come out.

A few independent investigative journalist like Brandon Smith did all the heavy lifting.

There seems to be three stages of reaction from Chicago journalists about Rahm. First they ignore the wrong-doing. Then they are shocked that the wrong-doing took place. And finally they dismiss anyone who wants to change the conditions that give rise to the wrong-doing.

Sun-Times veteran reporter Fran Spielman:

Demands for Emanuel’s resignation have come, only from the far-left fringes of Chicago politics.

Far-left bolsheviks like Bernard E. Harcourt, a professor at Columbia and who was a professor of law and political science at the University of Chicago, who wrote an op-ed piece in the NY Times.

Rather than hold hearings, investigate and perhaps prosecute its leaders, the city of Chicago needs to restore trust. These officials no longer have the public’s confidence. They should resign.

Remember the noted far-left fringe radical Bakari Sellers, a CNN contributor, who served in South Carolina’s House of Representatives from 2006 to 2014. He is an attorney at the Strom Law Firm in South Carolina.

I can see no just path forward that does not include Emanuel’s immediate resignation. Our loyalty to justice demands nothing less.

From the Sun-Times Mark Brown:

Still, I get the feeling some people aren’t going to be satisfied until there is an actual riot.

Emanuel appears to have run afoul of the current crisis-as-entertainment model of national television news, which has been quick to embrace the off-with-his-head narrative being pushed by fringe political elements. It helps fill an hour in prime time.

The notion that either Emanuel or Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez ought to resign based on any information we have seen to date is just nonsense.

The media-talking point sheet has gone out: Far-left fringe elements.

This from the same folks who ignored the story all this time. They bought what the FOP, the CPD and the Mayor were selling from the start.


3 Replies to “Random thoughts. From the fringe.”

  1. Fred,
    Among the many things that just has to be fixed is the handling of police complaints and disciplinary process first and foremost. This is a long term fix to the whole police violence issue. To many guys out there that should not be on the street. Second thing is the investigation process for officer involved shootings. Its broken. Take out pout of the cities hands, period.

  2.  Chicago Catholics are in a period of “Advent” four weeks while homes are purged of dirt and decorated with evergreens.  Our church leaders encourage us do some acts of forgiveness as we get ready for the birth of our savior.  And you are expecting that Chicagoans execute Emmanuel now! Bad timing, Fred, bad timing.Mary Richie

    1. Just us non-Catholics, Mary. Just the non-Catholics. You can join us after the Advent period. Meanwhile we will work on purging the dirt from our City.

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