Random thoughts. #RahmResign


In Crain’s today, Beachwood Reporter blogger Steve Rhodes does a take-down of the Rahm op-ed that ran in both the Sun-Times and Trib.

The notion of Emanuel being forced to resign now becomes very real. What will it take for that to happen? Who will call him to a come-to-Jesus meeting? A phone call from Obama? Not likely. Front-page editorials? Possibly. A no-confidence vote from the city council? Can’t see it happening, but could see a bloodbath trying to get there.

All I know is that this is just getting started. And I’m starting to think Emanuel won’t be around to see it finish.

Even before the first video was released I could envision very few scenarios in which Rahm would finish his current term.

Rahm is a corrupt and ineffective manager of an administration that exists only to serve the rich and powerful. Some would say that is the reason for him to stay.

Not me.

Like a third world dictator escaping the rebellious crowds surrounding the Presidential Palace, I keep seeing him catching a midnight plane out – perhaps to serve in a Hillary cabinet.

Rahm is frantically  releasing every dash-cam video  that he can find – each with audio missing – in order to get in front of the political crisis that surrounds him.

My pal Matt Farmer tweeted,  “DOJ announces it’s coming to town, and Rahm starts releasing police videos like he’s Sting in the 1980s.”

Can we guess whether AG Loretta Lynch and the DOJ really want to investigate the real this? Are they really willing to get down into the dirt and sludge that is the uninterrupted history of the CPD over the past fifty years and longer?

It is not just a culture of racism and violence. It is an institution of racism and violence.

Those like Sun-Times’ reporters Fran Spielman and Mark Brown argue that only the far-left fringe is calling for Rahm’s resignation.

That’s not true. But the element of truth in what they say is that many in the establishment are quite happy to have a  weakened mayor sitting on the fifth floor so that they can now grab theirs.

When freshmen Aldermen Rosa and Moore called for a Council committee investigation of Rahm in order to find out what he knew and when he knew it, the elders smacked them down for speaking “out of turn”.

Perhaps it will fall on “the fringe” to truly get to the bottom of all this with a Task Force of our own.

10 Replies to “Random thoughts. #RahmResign”

  1. A cunning and very smart operator. Remember “plausible deniability”? He’ll have it when it counts and will take him a ways toward survival in this mess. Don’t forget, he will be held for anything that can be proven he knew about, not the ingrained 50 year ingrained culture. It will be a ride down a slippery slope, but potentially survivable. The more vids that come out demonstrate the culture and what he inherited, not what he did. It’s an ugly plus for him.

    1. Just because there may be another burglar planning a break-in doesn’t mean to we don’t arrest the one that’s in your house at the moment.

  2. Channel 2, I believe, showed a horrifying video of a U. Of Chicago grad being tazed to death by police while he was sitting in a cell. Does anyone know what will happen regarding that?

  3. Good blog, Fred.  I pray that Hilary doesn’t take Rahm unto her fold! Since she served as Obama’s Sec of state she has to act beholding to Obama, but I doubt she’d go so far as to accept tainted Emmanuel for her team. I think I saw a book somewhere on line on how to fool a lie detector by mind control. Perhaps you should send one to the Mayor for Hannukah.Merry Richie

  4. I’m the first to agree that Rahm has to go, but I just don’t see the mechanism (unless the feds indict him for something, and lord knows there’s plenty they could look for). He was just re-elected and isn’t up again until 2019. There’s no recall provision. Rahm is far too arrogant to step down voluntarily. He’s like those “Christian” persecutionists – the more people holler for his head, the more he thinks it’s vindication for what he’s done – making the “hard decisions” as he might put it. Depending on how the political winds blow, I guess I could see Hillary putting some pressure on him, but I’m sure not holding my breath for that. But he’s shown time and again he doesn’t give a rat’s patoot what the people think, unless it’s the small handful of people who occupy lofty places and, as you indicate, those people seem quite satisfied with the status quo.

  5. So, there’s no constitutional provision for the removal of a dictatorial mayor who’s reign does not expire for 3 years? How about declaring a state of emergency?

  6. Great article and refreshing truths. Also we can’t forget Ineedanewjob Alvarez with her history for coverups. She must also be cuffed and led away. It seems that will be the only way to clean Chicagos two conspirators. I’m always amused how politicians cry out their innocence and purity and up to be a pile of dog crap that we knew they were. We need to keep the pressure up in every way possible. Even the zombies are awaking to the facts. They are cracking. It’s up to us to keep the cracks under stress until they finally crumble. We must demand the feds do their jobs……..remember…..RESIGN, THEN DO TIME

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