What goes on behind closed doors?

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Photo credit: Fred Klonsky

-Curtis House

Just imagine all the Police Brutality that occurs behind closed doors. And the magnitude of Police Brutality and Injustice that was never videotaped! Not video taped in the past and suppressed today. The individuals who censor conceal and suppress are accomplices in crime and are guilty by association as they continue to empower the status quo.

These recent killings are just the tip of the iceberg! Especially for those persons of color who live in the volatile climate of the CPD. The police commit acts of terrorism and intimidation on a daily basis in cities and towns across our nation. Police violence has escalated to the point that if a victim is brutally beaten or only “shot once” it’s like a misdemeanor, based on the average number of bullets used in most police killings. The mass media (owned and controlled by some of the same persecutors) does its part by showing us graphic scenes of raw violence over and over in a never ending loop that desensitizes our psyche. And even though there are obvious and blatant differences in how citizens are treated based on race and economic status, many still don’t get it and won’t get it until they live it! In certain communities and among certain groups there is more concern and outcry over the death of a dog than for the life of a person of color! Somehow, someway these crimes against humanity are usually justified overlooked and unpunished or categorized as a non crime.

As we become more and more of a “police state” nationwide we still have masses of people who refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem. There is a problem that we the people need to address and correct. We should ask ourselves if the phrase “We the People” is still a collective term? Does that phrase still represent transparency and one voice?

There are conditions of control and regulation that are growing with each passing second and while we sleep. There are some whom might as well be asleep for their eyes are closed or they turn the other cheek. There has always been concealment and secrecy (for knowledge is power) which is why black people were once forbidden to read and become literate. The same is true for blacks and women who were disenfranchised when they could not vote. Your blog educates those who are blinded by denial, dumbed and numbed by the mass media and exposes those who perpetrate injustice in all its forms. So as unrecorded and videotaped abuses of police power continue to terrorize our communities our best tool is the data, the factual information and footage which empowers us to act and demand accountability.

Who do the police really “serve and protect” is perhaps the question.

3 Replies to “What goes on behind closed doors?”

  1. The local SV Weekend newspaper reported on December 5 that “a Dixon Correctional Center lieutenant is facing charges of official misconduct for pushing, slapping, and punching an inmate, according to court documents filed by the Lee County state’s attorney.” The lieutenant is charged with three felony counts each punishable by 2 to 5 years in prison. Doesn’t appear that the IDOC is going to put up with any alleged abuse.

  2. http://policestatedaily.com/dallas-police-blame-death-of-man-hospitalized-after-traffic-stop-struggle-on-medical-condition/

    Fred, I can’t find it now but there is finally a video of the encounter with police. This guy should have been offered help for alcoholism. Failing that, is there any good reason to kick his feet out from under him? Why? How does that help anyone? In the video you see him sitting on the ground in handcuffs while a large stain spreads on the asphalt under him. He sits quietly bleeding copiously. I’m sure his pre-existing condition was not known to the police but that does not answer the question of why they treated him the way they did. They assaulted him and it was entirely unnecessary. They take their victims as they find them. That is why all people need to be treated with respect and care. That is the way to serve the public. Patricia Herrmann

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