Want to know why CTU members will vote to strike? Here’s why.

Members of the Chicago Teachers Union will be voting on strike authorization over the next three days.

Many have taken to social media to explain their reasons for voting yes.

CTU members are invited to send me their video to my comment section and I will add them to this post.

5 Replies to “Want to know why CTU members will vote to strike? Here’s why.”

  1. So if all compensation issues were off the table and non-issues the union would still vote for a strike because of safety, cleanliness and testing?
    OK, got it !!!

      1. Fred, I listen to a few of these comments…I missed the mention of money!!!,
        All I heard was of non $ issues. Let’s strike ….?..

  2. Wrong yo-yo
    Having walked in every CTU strike ever held I want you all to know what is going on now
    is almost a joke.Since the implantation of SB7 the union can ONLY negotiate over compensation.
    Everything else is verboten by Illinois Law.I know that the vote to strike will be in the 95% range.
    And when the call comes I will be there. But until SB7 is rescinded conditions will not improve.
    That should be the reason to strike.A 3% raise is nice but what does that matter if you loose your job?
    The CTU needs to get it’s hands on the right yo-yo.

    1. Although SB7 was in place in 2012 which supposedly limited the areas of bargaining to salary and benefits, it did not prevent the CTU from making non-compensation demands and winning many of them.

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