Random thoughts. A people’s Task Force.


The city’s leaders are desperate to restore trust with the people of the city.

The people of the city want justice.

Those aren’t the same things.

Rahm thinks he can make it better by saying he’s sorry.

The people of the city want the truth about what happened and want those who did the crimes to be held accountable.

Those are definitely not the same thing.

We have been calling for a People’s Task Force, established by the City Council and made up of community elders and young social justice activists.

It appears some in the Council are listening.

Following yesterday’s sick show of Rahm’s slobbering contrived mea culpa, the Council’s Black Caucus issued  a seven point plan of action.

1) CPD must stop shooting people in the back.

2) CPD employees who file false reports must be prosecuted. So far, the Cook County State’s Attorney has not pressed charges against the officers who filed false reports in the Laquan McDonald case. It has been more than 400 days, and still, no charges. This is unacceptable.

3) City Council and the Emanuel Administration must engage directly with the FOP to reform the disciplinary sections of the contract which at times have hindered proper action against officers who use excessive force or engage in other inappropriate behavior.

4) A special prosecutor is needed to pursue justice in all police involved shooting cases.

5) City Hall must support full integration with federal agencies to bring the resources necessary to tackle the systemic economic issues that have caused the conditions in our community.

6) The Blue Ribbon Task Force must be broadened to include community members, representation from the City Council, clinicians and members of the Defense Bar.

7) Due to the fractured nature of the relationship between the African American community and the CPD, we need full and serious consideration of an African American police superintendent to replace Supt. Garry McCarthy.

Granted. It is always a bad sign when a city has to adopt a rule that cops stop shooting people in the back.

However, down there at #6 is the demand that Rahm’s Task Force be broadened to include real independent voices who are interested in finding the truth, pursuing the guilty and not commissioned to a restoration of trust based on lies and deceit.

It’s a start.

2 Replies to “Random thoughts. A people’s Task Force.”

  1. #6 looks a little tilted toward folks that may think that the job is “easy” Exactly what powers would you like them to have?
    As far a shooting in the back, did you see the video of the foot chase that showed a guy with a gun running and shooting over his shoulder and hitting the pursuing cop? Selective viewing?

    Looking forward past the crisis how do you fix the “code of silence” and the “cover my ass and everybody else s ass” attitude? Falsifying an official document is currently a criminal offense isn’t it?
    Guilty, take away the pension. Put folks at economic risk. How far would you stick you ass out to cover for a bad guy? As a union guy Fred would you ever agree to anything close to that?

    Why haven’t the community activists risen against the gangs and guns in the “hood”?
    No guns, no shootings. Look beyond the immediate, This is a lousy long term problem, no matter what happens with the current fiasco.

    1. Aa a union guy I don’t believe there is a contract in the world that should or does protect a murderer from prosecution. Why haven’t “community activists risen against gangs and guns”? You must be engaged in selective news reading.

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