3 Replies to “Chicago’s historic DuSable loses its last librarian.”

  1. I read the entire story at the CTU website.What struck me was this sentence
    “The Chicago Teachers Union is outraged by this action.”
    Closing positions is one of the items which cannot be negotiated
    under SB7.

  2. It used to happen every seven years,at least in High Schools.
    A team from the North Central Association would come to a school
    and stay for three or four days observing, inspecting,sitting in on classes,interviewing
    students ,teachers,parents,and even custodians.Then a report would be
    generated. NCA was the accrediting agency for Northern Illinois.
    They do not come anymore.Now a school fills out a questionnaire
    and sends it back,no inspection no consequences if you fail to make the grade.
    Every High School had to have”One librarian for every 1500 students and two thereafter”
    That was cruel for places like Lane Tech with 5,000 students because they were
    part of the ” Thereafter”, While good old Simeon had two Librarians for our 1700.
    No high school would pass a NCA inspection without a library,period.Thanks to SB7
    The Board can just eliminate an entire lot of highly trained professional librarians.
    And North Central is nowhere to be found.later I will post what a International Baccalaureate
    inspection is like.

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