ESSA at street level. Audrey’s legacy.


Executive Director Audrey Soglin at an IEA Rep Assembly.

-Jerry Mulvihill is a fifth grade teacher. He posted this on my Facebook page.

There are some unintended consequences for teachers with Audrey’s PERA law that I wonder if she benefits from directly. With the new process, not only are teachers in my district being forced to be evaluated in a manner that requires hyper-focus on test results and assessment, but we are forced into a situation where we now have to teach in a manner that directly conforms to the evaluation process.

About a year ago, we were PD’d on the value of teaching with target goals visibly posted in the classroom for each lesson, and that success would be predominantly defined by the visibility of that goal, individual students’, direct understanding of that goal and the teacher’s ability to collect data on that goal through constant administering of formative assessment throughout the lessons, thereby supporting any growth with direct proof and data.

This year, outside “experts” from the Consortium of Educational Change have come in to give their prepackaged approach that directly supports this exact methodology. The development of assessments and how to create the “right” type of assessments to support growth data being of direct importance to teacher evaluation was also the focus of the CEC’s PD.

While I am open to the merits of the methodology and science, it is clear that there is an effort to redesign teaching in the classroom to fit the dynamics of the evaluation tool, limiting the autonomy previously held by teachers to define and establish outcomes that support and show evidence of learning.

The CEC kool-aid is being spread throughout Illinois schools without regard for the individual characteristics of a school or community’s values or belief about what best fits for each school’s education program.

One Reply to “ESSA at street level. Audrey’s legacy.”

  1. The CEC Coolaid is the same flavor as the Bill and Melinda Gates’ Coolaid, which explains the over-emphasis on data collection and strict adherence to the CCSS – a one-size-fits-all business plan. Note the $2 million donated to the CEC:

    Is it no wonder Soglin and the IEA love Gates’ school takeover ideas? And now your local does as well.

    What other connections are there?

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