4 Replies to “Dear Illinois teachers. . .”

  1. Dear teachers and other public employees affected,
    Your Democratic U.S. Representatives, U.S. Senators, and I did not have time to address the WEP/GPO that reduces your Social Security. I did, however, have to sign legislation a few weeks ago that will reduce benefits for some of you by many billions of dollars. This legislation was slipped into a spending bill by Republicans in a secret overnight session, but since you Illinois teachers get so little of your earned Social Security to begin with, you will hardly even notice it! What else could I do, if I didn’t sign it, the Republicans were going to shut down the government!
    Next year we are likely to replace the present WEP/GPO formula with an even more unfair formula that for most of you, will reduce your Social Security benefit even more. It will have an Orwellian name such as “The Equal Treatment of Public Servants Act”. It has a good chance of passing, as many of the lawmakers don’t actually read the bills they vote for, they just look at the title.
    I would like to help you public servants, and I would if I could, but I can’t so I won’t.
    President Obama

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