Firing teachers who are pregnant. What is going on at Scammon?


If you saw the news last night, or read the Trib or Sun-Times, you know that CPS settled a lawsuit over the termination of eight pregnant teachers by the principal at Chicago’s Scammon Elementary.


You would not know about the pregnancy-hating principal at Scammon if those courageous teachers had not filed a suit.

As in deals such as this, CPS admits no guilt.

The EEOC says they are guilty as hell.

They will pay a quarter of a million in back pay and damages.

Who knew Clayfool had that much money laying around?

The person in charge is Scammon Principal Mary Weaver.

“A lose cannon,” those who know her, tell me.

CPS not having to admit guilt is a legal issue. CPS, which claims to be broke, paying out a quarter mil is another. Innocents don’t do that.

“That a public school engaged in a pattern of firing teachers because of their pregnancies is dismaying to say the least,” said Director Julianne Bowman of EEOC’s Chicago District in a statement. “This settlement puts in place meaningful measures to eradicate the kind of antiquated thinking that resulted in the loss of these dedicated female educators from Scammon Elementary School.”

“Today, the Chicago Board of Education takes an important step toward ensuring that no woman loses her job, faces discipline or endures threats because of her pregnancy,” said Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta, head of the Civil Rights Division. “Our settlement establishes critical measures to provide a workplace environment free from sex-based discrimination.”

As long as Weaver is principal at Scammon I would not be as hopeful as Gupta.


6 Replies to “Firing teachers who are pregnant. What is going on at Scammon?”

  1. How does one principal screw up this bad? Oversight? Supervision? All those folks downtown, all those consultants
    and she didn’t learn some very basic do’s and don’ts of management. Wow!!

  2. Disgraceful! Another example of CPS’s unwillingness to supervise and take responsibility. The settlement included a statement that CPS accepts no wrongdoing. Then why are they paying out so much money?

  3. CPS got off cheap! Should have been a quarter million each! No admission of guilt or wrong doing? That’s the real problem! The best way to eradicate this kind of antiquated thinking is to eliminate the source starting with Ms. Weaver and then the corrupt establishment itself. Mary Weaver should be fired and or the parents and community should call for her resignation. Allowing her to remain in her “leadership” position perpetuates more Scam at Scammon! Here’s yet another example of “what goes on behind closed doors”

  4. Does a CPS principal have the right to terminate a teacher without some review at the system/district level? I agree with people who think the principal should be held responsible – but I’m wondering whether some others in the system aren’t at least partly responsible too.

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