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Louis Wery, who helps manufacture bathtubs, joined 2,000 other union members on Thursday in returning to work for the Kohler Company – a leading producer of sinks, tubs and toilets – after a 32-day strike that focused on one of the most contentious issues in labor today: two-tier contracts.


I’ll admit it: I think we really have to come right out and say thank you to our school district for everything our kids are learning. I may be a grumpy bluebird of doom–I may do nothing but complain about CPS–I may have been filling you all with despair for two years straight–but, friends, I want to give credit where credit is due! We can breathe a sigh of relief that our kids are getting the kind of training they really need for the future as a direct result of going to school in our district. So let’s hand it to Forrest Claypool and the Board of Ed. Let’s make sure the mayor knows how much we appreciate all he’s done for our students. Julie Vassilatos


According to a new study by the Chicago Teachers Union, released this past week, racial gaps in access to library services in high schools have widened considerably over just the last two years. In 2012, more than 40 percent of high schools with a majority of African-American students had librarians on staff, compared with 25 percent of such schools today. Other high schools also took a hit on library staff, but the drop was not as steep. This year, for the first time, school librarians were given formal representation on the CTU negotiation committee. Catalyst



Photo credit: Frank James Johnson.


“With us pitching in, though, what happens to the long-term efforts? We’re concerned that this is sending a message that Aramark is inadequate, and that parents will always be there to fill in the gaps,” said parent Sylvia Wood, who has a son in pre-K. “The reality is that we’re tired of our kids getting sick.”

Morales, one of the parents, said she’s grateful for the quality of education her children receive. The school is driven by parent volunteers, who recently helped build an edible garden at the school with a greenhouse, chicken coop, vegetable garden and outdoor classroom and lunch area.

But parents shouldn’t have to put volunteer hours into cleaning classrooms or bathrooms.

“This is where our kids come to learn, where they spend their day,” she said. “It’s all horrible. Just horrible.”


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