Love letters.


Did you have them recite a Muslin (sic) prayer?

-Odd guy

Dear Odd guy,

Only when they had to do standardized testing. Unless you really meant “Muslin.” In which case, no. We only prayed to a cotton blend.

– Fred


The fact that a 16 year old intern is their face shows how pitiful these protesters are.

– Anonymous

Dear Anonymous. I don’t know about that. I appreciate those young faces. Better than some old faces I have seen lately.

Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C Groundbreaking Ceremony



CPS students should have all of the amenities of University of Chicago Lab school? Where tuition is $30,000 per year? Nobody mentioned how this was going to be paid for.


Dear Nicole,

Like a library? Yes. But only if we want to be considered a humane society. On the other hand, we can keep doing what we are doing. But nobody mentioned how that would be paid for.



Come on fred, you did not take pres. of your union for the good of fellow workers. It was to protect your k3 art job.

– Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

Damn! I am so busted. No. As any unpaid local union president with no release time will tell you, we do it for the glory and fame.


7 Replies to “Love letters.”

  1. I love your unique POV. I should share some of the venom I get, but I am not allowed to answer back. In addition, I am allergic to feeding the trolls!

    1. If the trolls are racist, sexist, homophobes they will not find there comments on my blog. But some are just so stupid that they are entertaining. I can’t help myself. And readers seem to enjoy it. I understand why you must be more circumspect. I have the freedom of retirement.

  2. Thanks for this post–especially love the “muslin” (not capitalized beacuse, after all, the writer did write muslin (a fabric I am fond of) answer, the “old one” picture & the “job protection” troll–especially your answer!
    Truth is stranger, indeed…

  3. Whoops–I’m as bad as the “muslin” writer…meant because (I blame that on being one of the “old” faces you see…)

  4. Fred, give me a break!!! School union pres. is a cake walk. Around contract times maybe a little work but that falls on the team doing the talks with the board. You, if you have a teacher who has problems, will sit in with him or her with the principal or super. Hopefully, you will get the union lawyer in there. Otherwise, please don’t make it sound like a 24/7 job..

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