Clinton team walks back her math. Cunningham still talks “winners and losers.”

The Hillary Team was pretty busy today walking back her fuzzy math.

A video of her speaking in Iowa went viral.  The video has her supporting the school closing agenda of the corporate school reformers.

“I wouldn’t keep any school open that wasn’t doing a better-than-average job,” she told the crowd.

Twitter and Facebook lit up with teachers furious at her and the leadership of the two national teacher unions that gave Clinton their early endorsement for president.

The Washington Post ran a brutal piece showing that using her fuzzy math, Clinton’s view would lead to closing every school in the country.

U.S. News and World Report jumped out with a defense of the corporate Democrat.

AFT President Randi Weingarten tweeted furiously.

I admit to a sense of distrust. When thousands of Chicagoans battled her pal Rahm Emanuel as he engaged in the largest closing of African American schools in U.S. history, there was not a word from Clinton.


Thousand says no to Rahm’s school closing. No Hillary. Photo credit: Fred Klonsky

Meanwhile another corporate school reformer and Democrat, Peter Cunningham, got a little mixed up about what went on at the Department of Education when he was a close advisor to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

I challenged him on Twitter about his defense of the benefits of Race to the Top.

Cunningham said I wouldn’t know anything about that since we in Illinois were losers and never got a Race to the Top grant.

That was news to me.  I very clearly remember standing at a microphone at a state convention speaking against the Illinois Education Association supporting the Performance Evaluation Reform Act which tied teacher performance reviews to student assessments. Cunningham’s boss, Arne Duncan, had demanded that each state must have legislation in place like that to qualify for a Race To the Top grant.

Illinois agreed to Duncan’s demands and now the state uses the discredited Value Added Measure to evaluate teacher performance.

Just like Hillary, Cunningham had to pull an Emily Litella and do a quick nevermind.

Cunningham may not work for the Department of Education anymore, but he still talks about schools, teachers and students as winners and losers.


One Reply to “Clinton team walks back her math. Cunningham still talks “winners and losers.””

  1. Many states just by applying to RttT had agreed to take on Common Core and include student test scores in the evaluation of teachers. It was done to make them look more attractive for the grant. Not to mention the ESEA waivers…Mr. Cunningham is an idiot.

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