Keeping retirement weird. School Wars.


I am not a big science fiction movie fan. But my daughter and daugher-in-law are in town for the holidays. They love this stuff.  It was a no brainer that we were going to see Star Wars yesterday.

Along with everybody else.

The big cultural news is that after countless episodes of the Star Wars franchise, there is a young woman warrior leading the struggle against the Dark Side. Her name is Rey.

This is not so earth-shaking in Chicago. We have been led by a woman warrior in School Wars, The Never-ending Sequel against the Dark Side for a number of years now. Her name is Karen.

A month ago the Chicago Teachers Union, Chicago’s version of The Resistance, took a practice vote on whether to strike. Over 90% of the Chicago Teacher Union members voted yes.

Some local news reporters got all upset and said that the members of the union didn’t know what the were voting for.

Yes, they did.

When the CTU took the official strike authorization vote a couple of weeks ago, 96% of those voting said yes. 88% of the membership said yes.

Since nobody doubted the result this time, the only thing the unelected school board, their CEO Forrest Claypool and Mayor Rahm could do was send their lawyer to file a complaint that the vote didn’t follow procedures.

“A vote taken prior to conclusion of mediation, prior to issuance of the fact-finder’s report, prior to exchange of comprehensive proposals is indicative of nothing,” said the lawyer for the Dark Side.

Shouldn’t they be spending their time bargaining?

“They’re trying to impose conditions in the impasse procedures that don’t exist in the law,” said Robert Bloch, lawyer for The Resistance. “It’s CPS’ Hail Mary pass that they will (do so).”

Near the end of Star Wars it appears that the Dark Side has all the big guns and you can’t see how that new woman leader, Rey, will win.

 I won’t spoil it for you.

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