Our Jedi warrior.


Responding to Keeping retirement weird. School Wars.


I saw it yesterday, too, but I didn’t bring my light-sabre.

I’m saving that for our next bargaining session. We took an “early” strike vote last time. Robin Steans, the former Executive Director of Advance Illinois, now some big muckety muck at ISBE (appointed by the union–bashing Hedge Fund Homey, governor) went on Channel 11 and clucked how disappointed she was in us, because we didn’t do like good, little compliant underlings and submit to the will, might and power of the overlords.

We might have lost the SB7 war, but we won the battle for the soul of the Resistance and we will continue to fight the <1% in a battle for justice.


5 Replies to “Our Jedi warrior.”

  1. Keep on fighting, Karen. There is always some officious overlord ready and willing to cluck at the plebeian behavior of their underlings.

  2. Blogger Mark Glennon Blocks Former Actuary

    Mark Glennon, the venture capitalist, has blocked access and deleted a posting of a former actuary. In that blog article, Ugly: Chicago Public School Teachers’ Pension Releases New Actuary Report (link: http://www.wirepoints.com/), Glennon said “union forced-pay rules are obscene. The following is a portion of the posting blocked.

    To join the Honor Roll of those blocked by Mark Glennon, consider sending the posting below with or without the header of “Theodore Konshak says”:
    Theodore Konshak says:

    You can take the ‘separation of powers’ doctrine only so far. It does not give the State of Illinois the right to defraud people. The SEC previously got involved and has established the precedent of fraud. The underfunding of pension plans in the State of Illinois is a fraud resulting from a collusion between the American Academy of Actuaries and the State of Illinois. The State of Illinois established the procedures that ‘cooked the books’ and Members of the American Academy of Actuaries certified them as being okay. You don’t punish a small segment of the state population (i.e. public sector employees) for the misdeeds of the entire State. And if a federal court orders the State of Illinois to deposit $20 billion into the Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund, the State of Illinois must deposit that $20 billion.

    For verification purposes, a copy is available of the webpage before the posting was deleted.

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