Breaking. Scammon principal is fired, secretly reassigned.

Mary Weaver is no longer the principal at Chicago’s Scammon Elementary School.

Weaver was responsible for targeting and the firing of at least eight pregnant teachers.

Weaver is gone. A letter went out to faculty and staff today, December 28th announcing her removal as principal of Scammon.

CPS was found guilty and forced to pay a quarter of a million dollars in penalties.

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12 Replies to “Breaking. Scammon principal is fired, secretly reassigned.”

  1. If there was real justice in the world, Mary Weaver and not the taxpayers would foot the bill. How about merit pay incentive for principals? If you have no grievances filed against you, you get a bonus. If you incentivise positive climate change in your building instead of rewarding test scores, you’d be surprised at how they’ll soar.

  2. Pregnancy discrimination is a threat to all working women, (and dads!), as well as those who plan to return to the workforce. Firing 8 pregnant teachers is totally unprofessional. Thank you for alerting us to this situation: we can’t return to the late 19th century where tha personal lives of educators were severely curtailed, and pregnancy meant instant dismissal..

  3. Any sense of what will happen with/to the principal who was removed? IN some districts disgraced principals are put in central office administrative jobs that are not needed. Hope this does not happen with her.

  4. Lois Jones CTU Field Representative deserves some credit for this. She kept pushing and filing paperwork against this principal and kept organizing the teachers even after they were removed by this malicious principal. Power of the Union!

    1. Good questions, Joe & Curtis. Hoping that no more taxpayer money (that should, of course, go to the actual education of CPS students–how many librarians, sp.ed. personnel, nurses, social workers &/or counselors could that half million covered?) will be wasted on her continued employment. And–BTW–did you all read about the CPS social worker–who generously donated his kidney, and was found to be a non-resident because of that story–who was recently fired? (Nice Christmas present!) We all know that he was given years to become a Chicago resident and didn’t, but prolonged non-residency was just fine for Tim Cawley (who lived in Winnetka, I believe), A recently hired upper-echelon administrator lives in the south suburbs Tim, especially, got a nice pass on that.
      Lesson to be learned: if you’re a CPS educator, stay out of the news by not doing anything selfless. Or, perhaps CPS can afford to lose another social worker (that way, they can save some money–guaranteed, though, it won’t be anywhere near the half a million they just had to pay out)–and not replace him. Hey, CP schools already have too workers!

  5. Ms. Weaver committed illegal acts in her official public job. That is official misconduct and should be treated as such. Should be fired and forfeit her pension!

  6. Obviously you are not just “looking at the data” or even facts here. First of all, the CPS agreed to a settlement and hence didn’t lose the case. This strategy is similar to what the police department does. Settle in civil court in the hope of avoiding pubicity. The CPS probably spent millions in lawyer fee as well. Hence another reason to settle was to save money as this case could go on for years. Additionally Weaver never admitted guilt and maintains the teachers were let go during the CPS layoff and because they didn’t perform. In general it is pretty hard for a principal to fire a teacher without a strong case against them and principals indeed were told to let people go a couple of years ago. Also I am guessing Weaver was told not to tell her story after the settlement, and she did. Finally the Justice Department is a joke. Recently one of their high ranking officials said they would go after anyone that made anti-Muslim comments. Of course she later retracked when someone pointed out the First Amendment to her. The end result of this case is taxpayers losing millions of dollars to lawyer and court fees to reach a paultry $250,000 settlement and the reassigning of a well performing principal who may or may not have been guility to who knows what. Score one for the lawyers.

    1. No. Score one for the teachers. The data: Eight pregnant or returning teachers fired. At least eight discipline cases open currently. She was a bully. If their hope was to avoid publicity and hide this tyrant and bully, I’m doing my best to foil the plan. And if the number of hits and reposts on this story give any hint, she is now known for what she is. It is you who remains anonymous while calling others names. Your trolling comments will not be posted here any longer.

  7. I can promise you she got what she deserves. It’s been a long time coming. Looking forward to being able to go to work everyday not feeling afraid…

  8. Yeah, so this poses a real dilemma for CPS – they don’t want older experienced teachers because they cost too much, but most teachers are women and the younger ones tend to get pregnant.
    What to do, what to do.
    Maybe if Rahm’s hand-picked school board is forced to take a class in biology we can straighten all this out.

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