Random thoughts. Closing schools.


Responses to my post on Hillary Clinton’s speech in Iowa about closing all schools that aren’t above average fall into a number of categories.

First of all, I was not a great math student back in the day. But even I know that average doesn’t mean half.

Some have defended Hillary by saying she didn’t say it.

Watch the video tape.

Others said it was taken out of context.

I’m not sure I understand what that means. She never mentioned closing schools at any other time in the speech other than when she said she would close underperforming schools. That is the context.

She has never once opposed the massive closing of 50 neighborhood schools by Mayor Rahm Emanuel in Chicago. That is the context.

It has been over a week since she gave her Iowa speech and Clinton has never walked it back or said she doesn’t support the policy of closing underperforming schools.

Others have written to me saying that when I criticize Clinton on this point I am engaged in a circular firing squad because she may end up being the Democrats’ nominee and beating one of the crazy Republicans will be essential.

We have seemingly been into this presidential election since before last November. There is still a year to go.

While elections are important, they are not everything.

We in Chicago have been devastated by the Democratic Party’s policy of closing public neighborhood schools, mostly in communities of color.

When someone running for office, whether it is Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton or Mr. Potato Head says we should close public schools as a matter of public policy, they should get called out.

If that helps the Republicans, that is on her.

6 Replies to “Random thoughts. Closing schools.”

  1. In the last election, the only difference between Obama and Romney’s education platform was that Romney was in favor of vouchers and Obama wasn’t. They agreed on everything else. I’m sure the Clinton vs “crazy Republican” debates will reveal the same thing.

  2. Again (& I agree w/Anonv2 & I.M. Serious), do we have to “presume” anything? I have to take issue w/the argument that has been made (in both the 2012 election & now–on Diane Ravitch’s blog, as well) that “Republicans would destroy public education faster than Obama” (or the “presumed” 2016 candidate–esp. w/regard to the video)–not that I advocate–NO WAY!-for a GOP victory, but Obama & Arne did a pretty, pretty, pretty good job on us, & then POTUS once again twisted the knife in our collective back by appointing John King. Finally, he signed the odious ESSA (& this is better than NCLB or RT3–how?)
    Again, with “the lesser of 2 evils” choice? From the ever-wise Ken Previti, “The lesser of 2 evils is still…evil.”

    A resounding YES to you, Anonv2: Bernie 2016–keep up the good work, Berners! (You know–as to the #s & polls, there’s GOOD news out there, but you all know the mainstream media won’t report it.Go to Bernie.com, talk to some Bernie workers, get in on the e-mails, social media to read the real story &, most importantly, sign up to volunteer.)

    1. There is much to like about Bernie. The sad thing is that Sanders hasn’t taken the opportunity to present an alternative education platform from Clinton. I see no real difference between Sanders and Clinton on educational policy. Is there something I’m missing here?

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